How to Help Adolescents to Overcome the Suicidal Tendency? 5 Most Effective Tips for Parents.

According to the ‘Mental Health of Adolescents’ published by WHO in November,2021,”Suicide is the fourth leading cause of death among the 15-29 years old.” Day by day the tendency of self-harm or suicide is increasing among the adolescents all over the world due to their break down to deal with the stressors of life. So, … Read more

How the Parents Can Help the Adolescents with Anorexia Nervosa? 5 Easy Ways to Help them.

Do you know about Anorexia Nervosa? Have you seen adolescents suffering from Anorexia Nervosa? Do you want to help adolescents with Anorexia Nervosa? Anorexia Nervosa is a Eating Disorder in which people have an extremely low body weight maybe they are underweight but still have intense fear of gaining weight – that’s why they restrict … Read more

How Can You Help Daughter to Handle Her First Period? 5 Effective Ways to Know

It’s the typical experience- the first period of girls, it may be the confusing and overwhelming experience to a girl if it occurs suddenly to her and she has no idea of it. So it’s very important for the parents to help the daughter with her first period so that the period never becomes a … Read more

Is it Needed to be a Perfectionist? 5 Awesome Merits and Demerits of being a Perfectionist.

Are you a perfectionist? Are you always searching for perfections in your works? Is it needed to be a Perfectionist? Perfectionists are the persons who are struggling to get perfections in all stuffs, they are always striving for flawlessness in everything and sometimes also set unrealistic goals or standards before themselves resulting in despair, hopelessness … Read more

How to Overcome Insecurities in Our Life? 5 Effective Ways to Beat Our Insecurities.

Do you have Insecurities in life? Are you suffering from Insecurity Syndrome? Do you want to identify, accept and overcome your issues of insecurities? If yes, then you have crossed half way to achieve your goals- to overcome insecurities in life and be the modified version of yourself. Insecurities often create so many issues related … Read more

Infatuation Vs Love. Teenagers must Know the 5 Basic Differences between Infatuation and Love

You are in Love or Infatuation? Do you know about the infatuation? Is Infatuation a relationship? It’s really hard to differentiate between the infatuation and love even for the adult people. So, it’s just impossible for the teenagers to differentiate between these two phenomena- Infatuation Vs Love. Infatuation often represents itself as a strong relationship … Read more

How the Parents can Help Teenagers to Choose Career? 5 Excellent Tips for Parents.

Teenage is the most complex period of life- the transition period between childhood and adulthood. But it’s the time to take all the important decisions of life including the choice of career. The teenagers are always suffering from confusion, fear of failure, lack of self-confidence to choose their career, most of them also lack decision-making … Read more

What is Abusive Parenting? Know 6 Major Signs of Abusive Parenting.

Do you hear about Abusive Parenting? Are you familiar with the major signs of abusive parenting? Actually, some abusive parents also cannot understand that their parenting style is abusive in nature. Abusive parenting is the type of parenting where the children are abused physically, mentally, emotionally or sometimes sexually. It’s the type of parenting that … Read more

Why the Children are Telling Lie Frequently? 6 Awesome Tips to Prevent Children from Telling Lie.

Children are honest, open and clean in their mind- they always tell the truth. We believe in this idea regarding the children but some children have the habit of telling lie. Though most of the children are honest and true but some children are telling lie frequently- yes, it is hard to believe but some … Read more

5 Awesome Tips for the Parents to Minimize the Neglected Feelings of First Child after the Birth of Second Child.

Are the Parents neglecting their first child after the birth of second child? No, never. But the parents are naturally busy with the newborn baby and this sudden engagement of parents with other than him\her always create a sense of abandonment, a neglected feelings in the mind of first child. It is very important to … Read more

How to Fix Trust Issues in a Relationship? 7 Effective Ways to Fix the Trust Issues.

Are you suffering from trust issues in relationship? Do you want to fix those issues? Have you experienced bitterness in relationship only for your inability to trust anyone? Actually, the trust issues are the silent killer to kill the beauty and sweetness in a relationship and that’s why it is important to fix trust issues … Read more

What is Positive Parenting? 7 Useful Techniques of Positive Parenting that Parents should Know.

Positive Parenting means the parenting which believe in creating Happy and Joyful Children- it is the combination of all the techniques of positive parenting that makes the confident children and also the most empathetic and understanding children. Positive Parenting means to provide a conducive environment to children filled with love, care, affection and also the … Read more

Why Should We Reduce Cortisol Level in body? 7 Natural Ways to Reduce Cortisol Level.

Cortisol is the steroid hormone that help our body to respond to stressful situations, whenever we feel stress, anxiety the adrenal glands of our body release cortisol in order to respond to the stress. That’s why the cortisol is also known as the Stress Hormone as it regulates our stress level. To reduce cortisol level … Read more

How to Manage Chronic Stress in Our Life? 5 Simple Ways to Manage Chronic Stress.

Stress, anxiety, tension are the issues of our daily life- most of the people including the children are suffering from stress and anxiety. The number of people suffering from stress and tension are increasing day by day due to our lifestyle, busy schedule and may be the high expectations. According to a report of American … Read more

Do the Parents Show kids that They Love them? 5 Effective Ways of Showing Love to Kids.

Do you love your kids? the most stupid question asked to parents. Is not it? All the parents love their kids more than anything else but often the kids feel that their parents are not loving them, not taking care of them. Because we, the parents, are not expressing our love and care towards our … Read more

5 Beneficial Ways to Help Children to Regulate Emotions- Parents can Teach their Children.

Do your Child often cry for any silly matter? Do your children often show the outburst of anger? Do your children often show mood swings ? Yes, it is normal for the children to experience mood swings or start to cry for little little things. But, when they show extreme emotional outburst in the form … Read more

Social Media and Teenagers: 5 Useful Tips for Parents to Guide the Teenagers in Using the Social Media.

Social Media and Teenagers- both are now the inseparable parts; several surveys suggest that more than 90 percent of teenagers use social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc. social media platforms are the happiest place of all the teenagers and they cannot imagine their life without social media. Though we are living in the age … Read more

5 Evergreen Ways to Make a Strong Bond with Teenagers.

Teenagers are the adolescent boys and girls within the age group of 13-19 years and this is the most critical period of life as this phase is the transition of childhood to adulthood. During this teenage phase, the physical growth happens rapidly- secretion of many hormones take place and those physical changes are always associated … Read more

How Can We Remove the Mental Blocks from Our Mind? 7 Easy Ways to Follow.

Are you suffering from Mental Blocks? Do you want to remove the mental blocks from your mind? To remove the Mental Blocks one should go through the process of self-reflection and self-care and energize the mind. Simply the mental blocks refer to the inability to think clearly or easily recall some information. It is the … Read more

Parents as Role Models of Children- 10 Unique Tips to Follow to Be the Role Models of Children.

Parents are the first caregivers, first teachers of the children-from the early days of life the children are following their parents’ behaviors, imitating parents’ reactions. Almost all the lessons of life the children learn from their parents- here Parents as Role Models of children. But often we, the parents are unaware of the fact that … Read more

Are You Suffering from Childhood Trauma? Know the 8 Signs of Childhood Trauma in Adults.

Childhood Trauma in adults are often seen in many forms but people cannot identify those as the echos of childhood trauma. Depending upon the nature of childhood trauma experienced and its severity, the adults show different types of behavioral complexities or attachment issues and relationship issues. If any child is repeatedly subjected to traumatic events, … Read more

Children are Still Getting Physical Punishment at Home. Know the 10 Serious Effects of Physical Punishment on Children.

Are the children getting still now physical punishment at home? Any kind of punishment on children is prohibited in most of the countries through out the world. But can we give protection to our children from physical punishment at home? The effects of physical punishment on children is devasting but many parents are indifferent about … Read more

What is Eagle Parenting? 7 Benefits of Eagle Parenting to Ensure the Growth of Children.

Eagle Parenting is the wonderful type of parenting which ensure the maximum growth of children- the benefits of eagle parenting is that it’s the type of parenting that makes the children self-sufficient, responsible and ready to face the challenges of life. Generally, the Eagles do co-parenting, both male and female have the responsibility to raise … Read more

How the Parents Can Help the Kids to Manage Stress? 7 Effective Ways to Choose.

Are our kids suffering from anxiety, tension or stress? Are they make themselves socially isolated? Are they struggling alone to manage their stress? All of these questions are the true reflection of the present condition of our kids who are really stressed, anxious, having phobia or fear of failure and struggling too much to cope … Read more

What is Eustress? Is it Good? 5 Common Ways of Using Eustress to Grow.

Stress, Anxiety, Tension are the mostly used words in our modern life- we are stressed always due to different reasons, different circumstances of life. Is not it? The word ” stress” generally gives us the negative vibes- the painful situation or the unhealthy state of mind. Stress is the state of tension, anxiety, worry caused … Read more

Is Your Relationship Failing? 9 Major Signs of a Failing Relationship.

Do you feel suffocation in your relationship? Do you feel that it feels like a burden to you? Do you feel Happiness, sense of security or just the cool vives in your relationship? Can you be Real in your relationship or you need to put extra effort to express you? If you really feel suffocation, … Read more

Know the Prominent Signs of Children’s Mental Health Problems. 7 Common Mental Health Disorders of Children.

Can the children face Mental Health Problems? How can I know that my child is sad or depressed or scared? Why my little girl is always in bad mood, often show temper tantrums? How can I help my children? All these queries seriously lead us to know the Signs of Children’s Mental Health Problems in … Read more

How the Parents Can Help Adolescents to Overcome the Academic Failure? 8 Useful Tips that Parents Should Know.

Academic Failure is one of the major reasons for the ongoing problems of depression, anxiety, stress among the adolescents and also responsible for the increasing substance abuse disorder among the adolescents. So, it is a must to help the adolescents to overcome their academic failure and lead a productive life. Here the parents need to … Read more

Can My Mental Health Issues Affect My Physical Health? 10 Common Physical Signs of Mental Health Issues.

Physical Health and Mental Health both are interrelated- when we are not physically well, we don’t feel good or happy in our mind- we may feel tired and sad. Here our mental health is affected by our physical health. Similarly, if we are not mentally healthy, we may feel weak, low, irritated and lose our … Read more

How to Recognize the Signs of Emotional Abuse? 10 Common Signs of Emotional Abuse.

Emotional Abuse is the form of Psychological Abuse that is used to insult, demean or hurt one person by another people- it is also used to control, isolate or frighten that person. Emotional abuse always create anxiety, tension, depression in those people and sometimes lead them into psychological trauma. It is very important to know … Read more

What are the Red Flags in Relationship? Know the 10 common Red Flags in Relationship.

The Red Flags in Relationship are the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship, it refers to those signs and symbols that warn you to judge the core values of relationship and also try to prevent you from a toxic relationship. Generally the red flags are used to denote any kind of danger- to indicate some … Read more

Know the 8 Typical Unrealistic Expectations of Parents from Their Children.

Parents love is the eternal one for the children- they are living for their children,” No matter how old you get, your parent’s love and support will never change.” They are the true well-wishers of their children- they teach the children the lessons of life, they hope for the maximum growth and development of children. … Read more

How to Know if Your Child is an Introvert? 10 Common and Prominent Signs of an Introvert Child.

Do you know that why your child is so sensitive? Are you in tension that your child prefers to play alone? Does your child feel difficulties to be in new environment? Does your child avoid the crowdy places? Are they suffering from separation anxiety? If you see these types of signs in your child- don’t … Read more

How to Avoid Conflicts in Relationship? 10 Effective Tips to Avoid Conflicts in Relationship.

Disagreement, Conflicts, quarrel in relationship are common to all but whenever those conflicts take up the serious form, its end result is devasting and negative. That’s why, we should learn to avoid conflicts in relationship and also to resolve the conflicts through open communication, positivity and empathetic mindset. ‘ The quality of our lives depends … Read more

How to Inculcate Good Habits in Children?10 Effective Ways to Inculcate Good Habits in Children.

Habits are the determining factors of our life- our key to success and the weapon to make differences. Habits are not formed in one or two days, it needs the practice of a long time to grow some good habits in us. To inculcate Good Habits in Children, it is necessary to introduce those from … Read more

8 Useful Ways to Maximize the Language Development in Early Childhood

Early Childhood is the crucial period for Language Development as in this period the children have immense capacity to learn new words, phonetics, semantics etc. Language Development in Early Childhood actually determines the overall development of children like cognitive development, social and emotional development and to be an effective communicator. Early Childhood refers to the … Read more

11 Useful Ways to Strengthen the Brain Connections in Early Childhood.

Early Childhood is known as the most sensitive period for the development of brain of children. The growth of brain connections in early childhood is maximum, different research works showed that 90% of brain growth happens before kindergarten level. Here Early childhood refers to the period of first six years of a child when the … Read more

How to Protect Kids from Cyberbullying? 10 Important Tips to Protect Kids from Cyberbullying.

In this digital era with the advancement of science and technology, it is also a great threat to all of us to protect kids from cyberbullying as cyberbullying is increasing throughout the glove. It is the form of bullying using electronic or communication devices like mobile phones, computers, laptops etc. According to the UNICEF POLL … Read more

What is Negative discipline? Most common 13 Negative Discipline Techniques that Parents Should Avoid

The Negative Discipline are the stringent ways or negative ways that are used to discipline a child- it indicates the use various punitive ways or harsh behaviors that are applied to a child to make him disciplined. Negative Discipline is in contrast of positive discipline that focuses on positive points of behavior and believe that … Read more

How to Discipline a Child without Punishment? 14 Useful Ways to Follow to Discipline a Child.

To Discipline a Child is the most challenging task for every parents throughout the glove- ” to be a parent is to be chief designer of a product more advanced than any technology and more interesting than the greatest work of art. ” Alain de Botton. But we, the parents, often shout or yell or … Read more

What are the Workplace Stressors of Working Women in 2023? Know about 9 Major Workplace Stressors and the Ways to Cope with the Stressors.

No Country can every truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contribution of half its Citizens. “Michele Obama. The women are facing so many challenges in their life, the Stressors of Working Women are too many to discuss as they face severe issues in their everyday life. … Read more

What is Separation Anxiety Disorder in Adults? Symptoms, Causes and 10 Useful Tips to Manage it.

Separation Anxiety Disorder in Adults is the anxiety disorder in which the adult people feel excessive worry, tension and anxiety regarding the separation from their near and dear ones or from home- feels irrational fears being apart from or losing a person. This disorder first diagnosed in children as children show excessive anxiety, tension or … Read more

How Career Building Pressure Affects the Mental Health of Students? 9 Useful Tips to Handle that Pressure.

The Career Building Pressure always put a lot of stress, anxiety and insecurity feeling among students, especially after completing their class 12 examination- the students are in great pressure to pursue a career for them. In most of the cases, the parents or other family members put immense pressure on their children to choose a … Read more

What is Postpartum Depression? Symptoms, Causes and 9 Effective Ways to Cope with the Postpartum Depression.

Postpartum Depression is the depression that occurs after the birth of a baby, it is a phase of severe sadness and despair associated with irrational fear and irritability. Having a baby in life is the most pleasant and also most challenging experience and hence the mothers of the new-born babies experience Postpartum Depression which affects … Read more

Why do we See Depression in Housewives? 10 Useful Ways to Manage Their Depression.

Depression in Housewives is the most burning issue of the modern world. Every year a huge number of women are suffering from depression and having the tendency to commit suicide or isolating themselves from the social surroundings. Depression is the most common mental health disorder among all people throughout the world, according to the report … Read more

15 Major Parenting Mistakes to Avoid in the Year 2023 to Ensure Maximum Growth of Children

Parenting is the most precious journey, most beautiful journey in someone’s life but at the same time the most complex one- the most challenging one. That’s why, we, the parents often commit so many mistakes unknowingly to raise our children and sometimes these mistakes are too serious to ignore as it may give traumatic experiences … Read more

How to deal with Anxiety Disorder in Children? 11 Useful Coping Strategies to manage Anxiety Disorder.

Anxiety Disorder is the most prevalent mental health disorder among the children and adolescents in today’s world. It is the mental health disorder in which people feel excessive worry, anxiety, tension and irrational fear in such a way that it severely affect the day-to-day activities of their life. Not only the adults but also a … Read more

How to Deal with Parental Pressure on Career Choice? 9 Effective Tips for Students.

Parental Pressure is the most familiar and most talked about topic among the students especially in choosing their career. All over the World, the parents are exerting pressure on their children for to excel in academics or another field and even in choosing career. Especially in the countries like China, Japan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India the … Read more

How to make Stress Free Exam Preparation? the (20-15) Day’s Guide-Plan.

Stress Free Exam are essential for the students for getting the good score as anxiety, stress, tension will always make them Nervous, Anxious, ill and they can not perform in the examination as per their preparation and expectations. All type of Examinations are knocking at the door- the final board exams of Secondary and Higher … Read more

How the Parents can Build Healthy Relationship with the Teenager in2023? Know 10 Precious ways.

It is now a challenge in our modern world for the parents to build healthy relationship with their teenagers- to make a strong bond between the parents and the teenagers and help their teenager children to pass through the Transition Period of childhood to adulthood. The way of parenting in the childhood of children and … Read more

What Is Exam Stress? 10 Effective Ways to Reduce the Exam Stress of the Students.

Exam Stress is common to all age group of including the children and adolescents. During examination or before the examination, all students feel anxiety, tension, stress and some students take the examination as the phobia to them. The reasons behind the exam stress are – lack of preparation, high expectations, fear of failure, parental pressure, … Read more

Adolescence and Drug Abuse- How can we create awareness against Drug Abuse? Know 10 simple ways.

Adolescence and Drug Abuse is one of the major challenges of our modern world as a huge number of adolescents are the victims of Drug Abuse and Addiction. According to the report of World Health Organization (WHO) on “Adolescents and Mental Health ” published on 17th November 2021 “Worldwide, the prevalence of heavy episodic drinking … Read more

How to Make Our Relationship Stronger and Happier? 6 Simple Ways to make Relationship Stronger and Happier.

How to make our relationship Stronger and Happier? Relationship Issues are the burning problem of our society, a large number of people are suffering to handle their relationship problems. The incidents of conflicts, divorce, misunderstandings etc are increasing day by day and make people’s life miserable and vulnerable. But we can resolve a lot of … Read more

Anxiety Disorder in Children and Adolescents. 5 Easy ways to reduce anxiety among them.

Anxiety Disorder in Children and adolescents is the most common mental health in our modern society. We are all running the Rat-Race of life, including the children and adolescents. Due to pressure of society, academic pressure, high expectations of parents etc always put immense pressure upon the children and adolescents and they become the victim … Read more

Mental Health of Adolescents-10 Easy Ways to help the Adolescents to deal with their Mental Health Issues.

Mental Health of Adolescents is a major threat in our modern society but it is the most unattended, most unaddressed, most neglected phenomenon. According to WHO, Worldwide 10 percent of children and adolescents experience a mental disorder but majority of them do not seek hep or receive care as mental health of adolescents and children … Read more

Are our Children suffering from Depression? Know about the 8 signs and Symptoms to identify depression among children.

Archita De, 27/10/2022, 8.50 am Depression, Anxiety, Stress etc are the most commonly used terms or words in our modern society – especially after COVID-19 Pandemic we have understood the impact of these phenomenon in our daily life. But it is not limited among the adults or old people, it is equally present among the … Read more