What is Self-Respect? 10 Unique Ways to Show Respect towards your “Self”.

Self-Respect is a feeling of respect for yourself as you are as a Human Being with all your good and bad qualities- merits and demerits. We, all as a person can never be the perfect one, we have our own issues and shortcomings, we have our own ego- our own desires and own needs. We … Read more

Are You Suffering from Childhood Trauma? Know the 8 Signs of Childhood Trauma in Adults.

Childhood Trauma in adults are often seen in many forms but people cannot identify those as the echos of childhood trauma. Depending upon the nature of childhood trauma experienced and its severity, the adults show different types of behavioral complexities or attachment issues and relationship issues. If any child is repeatedly subjected to traumatic events, … Read more

Children are Still Getting Physical Punishment at Home. Know the 10 Serious Effects of Physical Punishment on Children.

Are the children getting still now physical punishment at home? Any kind of punishment on children is prohibited in most of the countries through out the world. But can we give protection to our children from physical punishment at home? The effects of physical punishment on children is devasting but many parents are indifferent about … Read more

What is Eagle Parenting? 7 Benefits of Eagle Parenting to Ensure the Growth of Children.

Eagle Parenting is the wonderful type of parenting which ensure the maximum growth of children- the benefits of eagle parenting is that it’s the type of parenting that makes the children self-sufficient, responsible and ready to face the challenges of life. Generally, the Eagles do co-parenting, both male and female have the responsibility to raise … Read more

How the Parents Can Help the Kids to Manage Stress? 7 Effective Ways to Choose.

Are our kids suffering from anxiety, tension or stress? Are they make themselves socially isolated? Are they struggling alone to manage their stress? All of these questions are the true reflection of the present condition of our kids who are really stressed, anxious, having phobia or fear of failure and struggling too much to cope … Read more

How Can You Keep Yourself Away from Negativity? 7 Easy Ways to Follow.

Negativity- negative vibes, negative Talks, criticism are always surrounding us and also we make a habit to absorb those negative vibes. Is not it? So it is necessary now to keep yourself away from negativity and protect your inner self. It is not the activity of one day or the instant one- we need to … Read more

What is Eustress? Is it Good? 5 Common Ways of Using Eustress to Grow.

Stress, Anxiety, Tension are the mostly used words in our modern life- we are stressed always due to different reasons, different circumstances of life. Is not it? The word ” stress” generally gives us the negative vibes- the painful situation or the unhealthy state of mind. Stress is the state of tension, anxiety, worry caused … Read more

What is Self-Care? 5 Important Pillars to Care for Myself.

Do I care for Myself? Do you ever care for yourself? Care for myself – Self-care is essential to ensure good physical and mental health, it is the practice of protecting our own well-being and happiness. We, all are running in the rat race of life- running to get more and more wealth, success or … Read more

Is Your Relationship Failing? 9 Major Signs of a Failing Relationship.

Do you feel suffocation in your relationship? Do you feel that it feels like a burden to you? Do you feel Happiness, sense of security or just the cool vives in your relationship? Can you be Real in your relationship or you need to put extra effort to express you? If you really feel suffocation, … Read more

Know the Prominent Signs of Children’s Mental Health Problems. 7 Common Mental Health Disorders of Children.

Can the children face Mental Health Problems? How can I know that my child is sad or depressed or scared? Why my little girl is always in bad mood, often show temper tantrums? How can I help my children? All these queries seriously lead us to know the Signs of Children’s Mental Health Problems in … Read more

How the Parents Can Help Adolescents to Overcome the Academic Failure? 8 Useful Tips that Parents Should Know.

Academic Failure is one of the major reasons for the ongoing problems of depression, anxiety, stress among the adolescents and also responsible for the increasing substance abuse disorder among the adolescents. So, it is a must to help the adolescents to overcome their academic failure and lead a productive life. Here the parents need to … Read more

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