Can the Parents Raise Children with lesser Use of Smartphones? 6 Effective Ways to Know.

Raise Children with lesser use of Smartphones.

Raise Children with Lesser Use of Smartphones

Are your Children being fond of Smartphones? Are they spending too much time on smartphones? Are they getting addiction to smart phones? I know that most of your answers will be the” Yes” including my one. Our children are spending a lot of time on smartphones even the toddlers also. You may say that in this World of advanced technology, it is just impossible to keep the children away from smartphones. But considering the severe effect of smartphones on body and mind of children, we should raise children with lesser use of smartphones. Also, do you ever think that why our children are addicted to smartphones? We, the Parents are not responsible for that?

Effects of Excessive Use of Smartphones

Too much use of smartphones is too bad for the children of all age groups, it badly affects the physical and mental health of children. Different studies have found that excessive use of smartphones make the children inattentive and prone to having tumors due to the radiation of the smartphones, most of them also have poor academic performance. So the parents should learn to raise children with lesser use of smartphones. The harmful effects of using smart phones are stated below.

.Excessive use of Smartphones cause dry eyes, blurred vision, irritation in eyes and severe headaches.

. It may increase the risk of Tumors in children due to the radiation caused by the Smart phones.

. It may cause Eating Disorder in children, some children are addicted to Junk Foods and be the obese children.

. It also disturbs the Sleeping Pattern of Children as children become fatigued due to continuous exposure to Blue Light of the Smartphones.

. The excessive use of Smartphones severely affects the Mental health of children, make them prone to Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Fear or Phobia. It also worsens the condition of children suffering from ADHD and Conduct Disorder.

. Sometimes it makes the children addicted to Online Games and also make them the Victims of Cyberbullying.

Ways to Raise Children with Lesser Use of Smartphones

You may think that it will not be possible to raise children with lesser use of smartphones but actually it will be possible if the parents are ready to raise children in this way and also ready to modify their mindset and lifestyle. Some effective ways to raise children with minimum use of smartphones are stated here in brief.

Spend Time with your Children

It’s the most effective way to raise children with lesser use of smartphones- if the parents start to spend time with their children, the children will surely be happy and be involved with the parents. The parents can play together or read a book together or simply gossiping or telling story to each others and all those are very effective to cut down the time spent by the children in smartphones.

Allow the Children to Outdoor Play

Most of the children are fond of outdoor play- they like to jump, hop, run or in other activities of outdoor play. Play always gives the maximum happiness and also enhance their friendship with their playmates or friends. They will never ask for smartphones if they are playing any outdoor game with their friends. To raise children with lesser use of smartphones, the parents can include regular play time in their schedule.

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Engage the Children in their Favorite Activities

If we engage the children in their favorite activities like painting, drawing, doing craft works, learning music or dance or any other creative activities, the children will surely spend less time on smart phones but in doing their favorite activities. It will also enhance their creativity and critical thinking.

Parents should Limit the Use of Smartphones

To raise children with lesser use of smartphones, the parents should also change their habit of using smartphones- they should restrict the use of smartphones at dining table and also during the study hours of children. Actually, the parents are the Role Models of children- if the parents don’t spend their free time on smartphones but spend with the children or doing other productive works, the children will surely spend minimum time on smartphones.

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Set the Limit on Screen Time

By setting limits on Screen Time of children is beneficial to reduce the use of smartphones by the children but this limit on screen time should be fixed by open discussion between parents and children. To raise children with lesser use of smartphones, the parents should discuss with them about the harmful effects of smartphones on their physical and mental health and thus motivate them to set a limit on screen exposure.

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Use of Parental Control

To raise children with lesser use of smartphones, the parents may take the help of parental control apps or devices that restrict the use of mobile for the children. Those parental control app or device can also restrict the screen time of children and also the exposure to the sites not suitable for their age and mindset. The Google has its own parental control facilities and the parents can use those by changing the setting pattern in their smartphones.

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Too much exposure to smartphones severely affects the mind and body of children, make them addicted to smartphones resulting in depression, anxiety disorder, tumors, irritation in eyes etc. So the parents should use different strategies to raise children with lesser use of smartphones. But the parents should also change themselves for their children and be a true rule model of children.


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