Know the 8 Typical Unrealistic Expectations of Parents from Their Children.

Unrealistic Expectations of Parents from children

Unrealistic Expectations of Parents from Children

Are you expecting too much from your children? Are the expectations too high or unrealistic? Yes, you, the parents are living for your children, you are the people who are loving your children selflessly. But are you expecting too much from your children? Are the children suffering a lot from the Unrealistic Expectations of Children? ” No matter how old you get, your parent’s love and support will never change.” They are the true well-wishers of their children- they teach the children the lessons of life, they hope for the maximum growth and development of children.

But sometimes they expect too high from their children- sometimes the parents want to fulfill their unfulfilled dreams through their children. Then the problem starts-it leads immense pressure on their children and also makes the parents anxious.

So, it is needed to cut down the unrealistic expectations of parents. The most typical unrealistic expectations of parents from the children are discussed here to create awareness among the parents.

Be the All-Rounder

Most of the parents think that their children will excel in all fields- not only they will be excellent in academic field but also will be very good in drawing, music, painting, recitation or drama. They will be also good in sports both indoor and outdoor- they will be the famous Sachin Tendulkar in cricket and also be the Vishwanathan Ananda in chess. These type of unrealistic expectations of parents always damage the free growth of children and prohibit them to reach their full potential.

Always Be Good in School

Sometimes the parents act negatively to the schoolteachers if they complain or say something not so good about their children. Because they parents have the thought that their children are always good in school- they are doing classwork’s properly, behaving properly and also obeying all the rules and regulations of school. But the reality is that the children often do some improper things in school like fighting with classmates, not being attentive in some classes etc. and those things are normal for the children. Here teachers are actually helping the parents to rectify the behaviors of children but the parents take this negatively.

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They Will Never Mess Up

The another most unrealistic expectations of parents are that their children will never mess up. But it is the normal for the children to mess up things- to make things untidy, to make things\place dirty and even break things. Children are exploring the world around themselves and so it is a fun for them to do messes. Not only home they can also mess things in school especially when they are with other children.

They will Never Tell Lie

The parents always teach the children to tell the truth but they may lie often. If the parents are too strict, the children are afraid to say about the messes, mistakes done by them and they tell lie to save themselves from parent’s anger. Moreover, sometimes they tell lie to be included in the group of friends and also out of fun or experiment. Here this type unrealistic expectations of parents should be minimized and help the children the habit of telling lie.

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Always Do What I Say

Often the most unrealistic expectations of parents that their children will always listen to them- always obey them, carry their orders. They forget that their children are different human beings than themselves- the children have their own interest, wishes, mindset which may be different from their parents. If the children show unwillingness to obey the commands of their parents, the parents start to scold the them or do emotional blackmail to them, which is very unhealthy for the growth of the children. So the parents should give up this most unrealistic expectations.

Parents expect that their children will always obey them.
Parents expect that their children will always obey them.

Always Be in Good Mood

The parents think that the children have no anxiety, worries, anger or mood swings- they are always in good mood. But the reality is that children also have all emotions, mood swings like the adults, they have their own joy, sorrow and anger. When they are not in good mood, they don’t like to talk with anyone or behave in a rude way and this is normal for the children. Due to the unrealistic expectations of parents, they feel sad or irritated for the behavior of children.

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Always Be Engaged in Study or Other Activities

This is also one of the major unrealistic expectations of parents that their child will be always engaged in study or in drawing or music or practicing cricket etc. The parents make the time schedule of their child like that they are doing activities one after another. But actually, the children also need some rest, I am not talking about sleep- they also need some time only by doing nothing – only with themselves. We, the parents often forget this need of our children and make their life a machinery one.

Always Show the Good Manners

The parents want that their child will always behave goodly- he\she will always show their good manners. But the reality is that often the children are also stressed due to academic pressure or others that they just respond in a bad way. Especially when they are angry or sad, the children cannot behave goodly with others and this is normal for them as the human being. Actually this is the most unrealistic expectations of parents from children.

Always Bring Good Grades

It’s the most unrealistic expectations of parents that always the children will bring good grades, high percentage of marks or good grades. But it’s not possible by every children for various reasons like ill health, lack of preparation or others. Sometimes they may get low grades or poor percentage and the parents are very upset then. Often they start to abuse the child verbally or emotionally for their poor performance and severely affect the mental health of those children.

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To ensure the healthy growth and holistic development of children, the parents should cut down the level of their expectations from their children, especially the unrealistic expectations. The parents should comprehend that their children are obviously their children but other human being- they have their own dreams, wishes, desires to fulfill. So we should not exert pressure on them to fulfill our unfulfilled dreams- Let them to fly in their own Sky.


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