What are the Red Flags in Relationship? Know the 10 common Red Flags in Relationship.

Red Flags in Relationship.

Know the Red Flags in Relationship

The Red Flags in Relationship are the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship, it refers to those signs and symbols that warn you to judge the core values of relationship and also try to prevent you from a toxic relationship. Generally the red flags are used to denote any kind of danger- to indicate some unwell situation, for example the red flags are used in roads to indicate damaged roads or red flags are waived off when there is any problem in railway tracks.

Red flags \red cards are also used in football match if any player do any serious offence and he is banned for some matches. As the red light of traffic signal tell us to stop, the red flags in relationship also tell us to STOP and reflect again. Here some common but major red flags in Relationship are stated to help you to know, comprehend and judge the true nature of your relationship.

Always Blame You

When your partner always blames you- always try to make you responsible for trifling matter, then you should be aware about this red flag. When people have too superiority complex and they are not genuine in relationship, they often try to blame their partner for any issues. This type of red flag always bring difficulties in relationship and also lower your self-confidence and self-esteem level and break down your emotional stability. So, you should take this red flag seriously and protect your inner core.

Never Listen to You

In relationship if your partner never listens to you- never give value to your views and opinions, never wants to know about your liking and disliking, then you should take this red flag in relationship seriously. Here you cannot live your life- cannot express your views, your wishes and you will always suffocate. So you should be aware of this red flag and start to think again about your relationship and you.

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Distrust-One Major Red Flags in Relationship

No relationship can be formed if there is no trust- Trust is the oxygen of any relationship. If your partner cannot trust you, you should not move further in this relationship as it will always create conflicts in relationship. Better to come out from this toxic relationship and move on.” Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.” Stephen R. covey

Try to Make you Guilty

It is also one of the major red flags in relationship that your partner always try to make you guilty for a tiny matter. In a healthy relationship, each partner take care of each other’s emotions and try to give courage or motivate one who is in stress and anxiety. Here by giving the guilt feeling, one can make his\her partner emotionally and socially unwell and he\she may also lose his\her self-esteem.

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Jealous on You

If your partner feels jealous if anyone appreciate you or respect you for your qualities and attributes, then you should be careful about your relationship. Because jealousy always create the beauty of a relationship and create so many conflicts, misunderstandings in the relationship. Often people insult their partner due to their jealousy. In a good relationship, both the partners feel pride and happiness in each other’s. achievement or success. So Jealousy is one of the worst red flags in relationship.

Always blame the partner.
Always Blame the partner.

Emotional Abuse

It is one of the major red flags in relationship because often one partner feels emotionally abused by other and it generally increases day by day. Often, the partner who is the victim becomes depressed and socially withdrawn. Slowly slowly the emotional abuse destroys the bond between partners and completely ruin the mental status of the partner. Often the victim partner face the psychological trauma only for this emotional abuse.

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Try to Control You Always

If your partner controls you always- never gives you the freedom to take decisions even for the very simple things in your life, then you should be careful. At the initial stage, it feels so good that your partner takes care of you too much but as the days gone, you will surely realize that it’s not the care and love but the mindset to control you. These type of red flags in relationship warns us about it’s future consequences. Sometimes the partner has not the freedom to buy clothes or to eat food as per his\her wish if another partner has strong controlling attitude.

Dishonesty in Relationship

It’s one of the major red flags in relationship and anyone should never be soft attitude towards this red flag. If your partner is not honest in relationship, then you should STOP here- come out from this relationship and live your life. Trust, Honesty, Mutual Understanding etc. are the primary needs of a relationship to form- to grow. You should never allow dishonesty in relationship to save yourself from further cheating or betrayal.

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Never Allow Space in Relationship

Every relationship needs some space to take breathe- to grow- to prosper. If we don’t allow space in relationship, it will never be a healthy one and we will feel suffocated in those relationship. Not allowing space in relationship is one of the major red flags in relationship and it will destroy the liveliness of a relationship. No two individual can be the same even the mother and child also, so obviously the two people involved in a relationship must be different. That’s why the space in relationship is mandatory and never allowing space in relationship denotes the unhealthiest relationship.

Never Show Respect to You

Only showing love, care and affection are not sufficient in a relationship, it’s necessary to respect your partner- respect his\her views and opinions and values. The true relationship- the healthy one always respects the views and values of partners and never force one partner to adopt the opinion and values of others. If in a relationship you feel continuously disrespected by your partner, then you should think and reflect about this and better to stop here to protect your self- your self-respect. It’s one of the most important Red Flags in Relationship that helps you to identify the danger in relationship.

Words from Wingsofwishes.in

The red flags in relationship are the warning signs to move in our relationship. We should take those red flags seriously to proceed further and to take a final decision. Sometimes in a established relationship if anyone finds those red flags, he\she should communicate with his\her partner about these issues and request him\her to change his\her attitudes. Especially the issues related to continuous distrust, dishonesty, abuse we should take necessary actions immediately in order to save ourselves.

Love is Respect, Respect is Honesty, Honesty is Support, Support is Loyalty, Loyalty is Trust, Trust is Protection.” – Kedibone natural


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