What is Self-Respect? 10 Unique Ways to Show Respect towards your “Self”.

Self-Respect is not only taking care of self but also pay respect to self.
Self-Respect is Taking Care of Self and Respect Self.

Self-Respect is a feeling of respect for yourself as you are as a Human Being with all your good and bad qualities- merits and demerits. We, all as a person can never be the perfect one, we have our own issues and shortcomings, we have our own ego- our own desires and own needs. We have so many good qualities along with our wicked one’s and all these attributes together actually make us. We have to respect our this “SElF” which is the combination of both black and white- good and bad. We will respect ourselves means we will Love ourselves as we are , take pride in ourselves and take care of ourselves.

Self-Respect Vs Self-Esteem Vs Self-Pride-:

All these three words are used simultaneously but they are not same- big difference exists among them. Self-Respect is the respect or value we give to ourselves as we are regardless of our qualities, values or skills. It is independent of success or failure. But Self-Esteem is the value or appreciation we give to ourselves for our abilities, skills or qualities. Again, Self– Pride is taking pride in yourself for your achievements, successes or qualities. So all the three concepts are totally different but interlinked with each other. Here the Self-Respect is the root of all and it is independent of success or failure as it is only to love yourself as you are.

Self-Respect is to Value your Self.

10 Ways to Show Respect towards your” Self”-:

1. Recognize Yourself as Human Being- It is very important to recognize yourself as a human being- a living organism with all the emotions both positive and negative. Yes, it sounds little bit odd but it is the true fact that we should first value ourselves as the human being and accept ourselves as we are and this is the first step to show respect towards our “Self”. If we treat ourselves, recognize ourselves as the Human Being- we will surely learn to respect ourselves.

.2. Take Pride in Yourself-We should learn to take pride in ourselves as we are- the type of works we are doing, how we are contributing to our society, how we are trying to help others in need and ofcourse, how we are fighting with the battles of life. All these daily activities, little little things actually bring happiness and positivity in our life. For example, I am working as an elementary teacher in a school and I feel pride for my work as I am trying to enlighten the life of our children through the light of education, I am sure that I am contributing to our society as the education is the backbone of all nations and it only helps to distinguish between right and wrong, good and bad.

Learn to Take Pride in Yourself.

.3 Do not Let Anyone to Bring Down You. –: To show respect towards your self , never allow anyone to bring down you- to make you inferior or insult you without any reason. In our society, people will always try to hit your self-esteem, try to feel you inferior or ” good for nothing” but it’s the only you who can protect your self by not allowing others to bring down you. But, it does not mean that you will not accept your fault or behave badly with others. If you do mistakes, you must accept you fault and try to rectify these but do not allow others to feel you down. If you are indifferent to people’s words towards you and have the courage to disallow them to bring you down- your self will say “Thanks” to you.

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.4. Engage in Activities which you like. -: If we are engaged in activities which we prefer, the activities which give us happiness – our Self -Respect will be surely enhanced and our self-esteem will be strengthened. Because those activities will boost up our skills and abilities, will keep us away from boredom and create a sense of satisfaction among us. For example, a person who likes to paint got the job of a human resource manager with the less scope of express his thoughts and creativity. But, if he will get the job of Art Teacher in school, he will surely get more opportunities to express his creativity, skills and imagination. Moreover, one can do his/her preferred activities in their free time also and thus can feel the Respect towards the SELF.

.5. Learn to say “No” to the people or situation if you do not feel Well.: -Often we are in great problem to choose our choice or people’s choice – most of the time we are agree to people’s words in against of our mind. But , to be agree to compromise in people’s pressure or to do such type of works in which we do not believe etc. are really put pressure on our concept of Self-Respect. So ,we should learn to say “NO” to people or situation in which we are not comfortable or we do not like to do. Here, you are saying NO to people or situation in order to showing respect and value towards your SELF.

Self-Respect is preventing your” Self” from the Uncomfortable Circumstances.

.6. Take Care of Your Diet, Sleep and Relaxation.:- Showing respect towards your self is the way of love yourself, taking care of yourself as you are. So , one must take care of one’s diet, rest, sleep and also exercise to keep fit yourself always so that you can fight the struggles of life. You must take a balanced diet which includes plenty of fresh food and vegetables, must take minimum 6 hours sleep and do some exercises daily. You should also include some time in your daily schedule to relax your body, to refresh your mind and to retrospect yourself to show the precious “Respect” towards your Self.

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.7 Raise your Voice when you need to protect your SELF. :- Sometimes we may need to raise our voice, to keep our opinion clearly in front of others to prove our existence and thus to show respect towards our self. When we come across some situation in which our moral value, our ethics and principles, our existence as a human being is criticized, we need to protest, need to express our views and concerns in order to protect our SELF. Here raising our voice in unfair situations is actually showing our respect and love towards our Self.

Take Care of yourself to show Self-Respect.

8.Invest to Make Yourself more Skilled and more Knowledgeable :- If you really love yourself, take pride in yourself, believe in your abilities, respect the person within you i.e. your Self, then you will really try to make yourself more skilled, more knowledgeable and more acceptable to not only the society but also to yourself. Actually, true Self-Respect always boost you to grow as a human being and make you open to adopt all the changes of the modern world so that you can bring out the better version of yourself.

.9. Listen to your Soul- not to People. :-Always listen to your soul- listen to the voice of your inner self so that you can do the things you like, choose the right direction to move forward. It is not telling to you that never listen to people’s advice, you will listen to people’s advice but you will do the action based on your own perception and this is one of the way of showing respect towards self. If you are always listen to people, depend on other for your decisions in life, then you will never attain self-respect in your life and always be dependent on others.

Self-care is the Self-Respect.

.10 Sometimes Praise Yourself also for the good Works you have done. :- You should sometimes praise yourself for all the good deeds you have done, for your achievements, your success or sometimes even for your sacrifice for others also. This self-praise is the form of showing Self-Respect to you- to your views and opinions, your ethics and principles, your philosophy of life that actually represent your true self- represent the human being in you. Because you will hardly get some people who will encourage you, praise you for your good works. And , so we should learn to show Self-Respect through Self-Praise.

Self-Respect is thus can be expressed through our actions, positive words to our self and sometimes through our silence also. It’s really not so easy to love yourself, take pride in yourself and value yourself. But we should learn to respect ourselves in order to boost our self-confidence, to enhance our self-esteem and make our SElF to fight with the struggles of life. Self- Respect is the utmost way to grow and glow as a human being.

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