Are You Suffering from Childhood Trauma? Know the 8 Signs of Childhood Trauma in Adults.

 Childhood Trauma in Adults.

Childhood Trauma in Adults

Childhood Trauma in adults are often seen in many forms but people cannot identify those as the echos of childhood trauma. Depending upon the nature of childhood trauma experienced and its severity, the adults show different types of behavioral complexities or attachment issues and relationship issues. If any child is repeatedly subjected to traumatic events, he\she may execute the extreme level of intolerance, violence and complex behaviors in his\her adulthood. The Childhood Trauma in adults is one of the major issue for various mental and physical health difficulties and also for many relationship problems.

What are Childhood Trauma?

Any kind of traumatic experiences in childhood can be considered as the traumatic events for the children and the unresolved traumas of childhood become the source of traumatic events in adulthood. The major traumatic experiences faced by children in childhood are-

. If the children become the victim of any kind of abuse- whether physical or mental in their childhood.

. If the children abused Sexually in their childhood.

.If the children face parental neglect or severe corporal punishment from parents, it also sometimes give them the traumatic experiences.

.If the children suffer a lot due to the sudden loss of their near and dear ones.

. If the children face any kind of accidents in their childhood or suffering from chronic illness, they may also feel traumatic experiences.

. If the children are the victim of domestic violence and also if they face continuous parental conflicts in childhood, they will surely face traumatic experiences.

. If the children are subjected to bullying or harassment, they may develop trauma in them and it may persists in their adulthood also.

. Due to any kind of Natural calamity, the children may also feel the traumatic experiences which may last forever in them.

So any kind of aversive childhood experiences are known as the childhood trauma and this childhood trauma in adults often act as the main cause of physical, mental or social issues.

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Major Signs of Childhood Trauma in Adults

The traumatic experiences of childhood often stay in adults as the storehouse of problems and difficulties and adversely affect the overall health of an individual. Anxiety attacks, personality disorders, trust issues in relationship, phobia or often the violent behavior are the byproducts of childhood trauma in adults. Based on the experiences of different people suffering from childhood traumatic events and also on the experiences of psychologists and therapists, the major signs of childhood trauma present in adults are stated below.

Irrational Fear or Phobia

Often some adults have typical type of fear or phobia which are irrational in nature but those adults are seriously suffering from the triggers. For example, fear of darkness, fear of height or fear of social interaction etc. are present in many adults and the root cause of those intense fear is the traumatic experiences in childhood. If a child was locked in a dark room for many hours, this event may act as the trigger point of childhood trauma in adults.

Anxiety Disorders

Another important sign of the presence of childhood trauma in adults is Acute Anxiety Disorders in them, often those people feel nervous, anxious and restless in little bit stressed situation. They show irritability and very quickly loose their temperament due to their intense anxiety. Often high B.P, headache, palpitations etc. are also seen in them. Separation Anxiety Disorder is also seen in many adults due to their experience of traumatic events.

Insomnia, Nightmares

Insomnia and nightmares are the most common signs of childhood trauma in adults. Often many adults complain of various nightmares, sometimes some nightmares are so aversive, so painful that the person awake in fear or in pain. Most of the cases the victims cannot understand the reasons behind the peculiar dreams of them- if those people then contact with a professional (psychiatrist or therapist), that professional often find the main reason for the suffocating nightmares and insomnia is the childhood trauma present in adults.

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Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are also seen in people suffering from childhood traumatic experiences, especially those who were abused physically (mainly sexually) or bullied or the victims of domestic violence. Those people often have chest pain, increased heart rate, tremors, excessive sweating, breathing difficulties etc. in some stressful situations or the situations resembling the situations of their childhood trauma.

Suspicious Mind, Trust issues

The suspicious mind, the inability to trust someone easily etc. are some signs of childhood trauma present in adults because the pathetic issues of childhood severely affect their mindset to trust someone or to take help from someone or accept someone as their own people. Those people always have some trust issues, they have the suspicious mindset and have limited friend circle.

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Relationship Issues

Due to presence of unresolved childhood trauma in adults, often some adults who experienced traumatic events in childhood face severe problem to make relationship. They cannot trust people easily, they are suspicious and often have irrational fear in them and that’s why those adults cannot make relationship easily. If they may make relationship, they cannot sustain it because of their insecurities.

 Suspicious Mind is also seen due to childhood Trauma in adults.
Relationship Issues are also due to childhood Trauma in Adults.

Low Self-Confidence and Self- Esteem

Lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem is seen in adults suffering from childhood trauma as they are always in fear, in self-doubt and also have trust issues. They cannot handle stressful situations properly and also cannot take risks in life due to the presence of suppressed childhood trauma in adults. That’s why those adult people have low self-confidence and obviously low self-esteem.

Frigidity in Relationship

Due the presence of most aversive childhood trauma in adults especially the incidents of sexual abuse often create excessive fear, tension in those adults and they show frigidity in relationship

Words form

The only way to get relief from the childhood trauma in adults is to express the traumatic experiences of your life to someone you can trust- most probably the professionals (therapist or psychiatrist) and also to make your mindset positive to conquer those traumatic experiences and lead a productive life.


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