5 Awesome Tips to Parents for Staying Connected with Teenagers.

Staying Connected with Teenagers.

Staying connected with Teenagers is the most important responsibility of parents but often parents neglect this connection knowingly or unknowingly. We, the parents are scolding our teenagers for their study or career- putting pressure on them for better academic performance or others. But never try to make a bond with them-staying connected with teenagers and thus a gap is created between parents and teenagers. It’s the transition period from the childhood and approaching to adulthood, there are lots of physical and psychological changes in teenagers and they are in true need of the support and guidance from parents. So, it’s essential for the parents to “staying connected with teenagers”.

Some truly effective tips are shared here to help the parents to make a strong with their children.

Communication for Staying Connected with Teenagers

Open Communication is the first and foremost way for staying connected with the teens, the parents should never stop to talk with their children whatever may be the situation. Because it’s the only way to know about the teenagers- their thinking pattern, interest, aims and also about the problems or difficulties faced by them. The communication should not be based on academics only but on diverse subjects including the sports, movies or friends. The parents here must allow their children to express their views, concerns or opinions to make the communication really open in nature.

Show Interest in their “Areas of Interest”

For staying connected with teenagers, the parents must show their interest and concern in their areas of interest- their hobbies, passion or dreams. Sometimes those areas of interest are completely against the interest areas of parents and here it’s tough for the parents to support those works of teenagers. Here the parents can stop them to say negative words to the teenagers or humiliate them for their areas of interest in order to keep in touch with their teenagers. For example, you are fond of Indian classical music but your son may be crazy about western music and here you need to behave wisely to deal with your son.

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Make Yourself Updated

The parents should learn to make themselves updated – to know about the current trend, current news, current progress in technology and innovation for staying connected with teenagers. As the rapid advancement of growth and technology, the world is growing too fast and that’s why a huge generation gap is created among parents and children. So, to minimize this generation gap, the parents should see the world through the new perspective also and make a healthy bond with teenagers.

Respect your Teenagers

It’s the most important parenting tips- not only the tips but also the real way for staying connected with teenagers. We are aware to show our respect towards the elders but never think to show respect towards the younger ones like our teenagers. We are in the assumption that the teens will only obey our orders and do what we instructed them to do. We forget that our teenagers are separate human beings with their own thoughts, interest and purpose of life. To make a true bond with our children, we should not only accept respect from them but also to Respect them.

Avoid Punishment

Any kind of corporal punishment whether physical or psychological must be avoided because punishment can only worsen the situations and severely affect the bond between parents and teenagers. Yes, the parents can try to make the teenagers disciplined and responsible but should not use punishment if they commit mistakes. Here they can explain the whole situation to the teenagers with proper reasoning and explanation and help to rectify the mistakes.

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Give Space to Teenagers.

Give Space in Relationship

For staying connected with teenagers, giving some space, some privacy, some freedom to them is necessary and it is also essential for their optimum growth. Space in any relationship is actually the Oxygen of the relationship and it ensures the strength and beauty of relationship. Giving space to teenagers actually make them as an independent individual and strengthen the bond between parents and them.

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Words from Wingsofwishes.in

Teenagers are at the crucial phase of life, facing challenges in various ways and they need constant support and guidance from their parents to Grow to their fullest potential. So, making a strong bond with teenagers- staying connected with teenagers should be ensured by the parents and thus help the teens to learn to walk in the zigzag roads of life.


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