Diwali and Mental Health: 5 Positive Effect of Diwali on Mental Health.

Diwali and Mental Health

Diwali and Mental Health

Diwali is the Festival of Light, Prosperity and Happiness, it denotes the” victory of Good over the Evil”. It is the festival of removing the darkness of ignorance from mind and thus Diwali and Mental Health” are interrelated. It is now not the religious festival only, people from different religions, tribes or caste celebrate Diwali and made it the festival of lightening our mind with the light of knowledge, compassion and humanity.

Diwali and Mental health

Diwali is celebrated in different parts of India in different ways but illuminating home, workplace or other places with diyas, candles or ‘tuni bulbs’ is common to all. It gives us a feeling of satisfaction, piousness and positivity and thus boost our mental health status. Besides the illumination of lights in houses beautiful Rangoli’s are made on floors- entrance areas with colors and flowers and this art of ‘Rangoli Making’ is really beneficial for our cool and calm mind. Here actually ‘Art Therapy’ is used to enhance the mental health of people.

During Diwali various types of sweets are made and distributed among relatives, friends and neighbors. And this ‘Mithai’ distribution also gives us a feeling of togetherness, friendships and ‘sharing & caring’ which are essential for the good mental health of people. In many communities it is now celebrated as the ‘Home Coming’ festival and strengthen the bond between the family members. That’s why really Diwali and Mental Health are interrelated.

Some positive effects of Diwali on Mental Health are stated below.

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Reduce the Feeling of Loneliness

The festival of Light- Diwali is really the festival to enlighten our souls, to remove the darkness of our mind, our loneliness through spending time and sharing greetings with people or may be just illuminating and decorating house by ourselves. In any way, this festival makes us to be happy, to be shiny, to be lovable and thus we feel not loneliness but a sense of togetherness with people.

Boost up our Mind-our Mood

Diwali and Mental Health are interrelated because this festival act as the booster dose to our mood and we feel a sense of happiness, excitement and joy in our mind. Not only the lights- diyas or candles or the patterns of Rangoli make us happy but also to meet with people especially our family members, old friends fill our heart with immense joy and excitement and thus our depressed or lowered mood is elevated.

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Reduce our Stress Level

As the festivals helps to secrete more ‘ Happy Hormones’ like serotonin in our body, we really feel good and happy. Then the stress and anxiety level in our body is also lowered and our mental health is enhanced. Especially the festival Diwali is the festival of victory of Good over the bad and lead a life based on purity, knowledge and wisdom. Thus, Diwali is our stress busters and resonates with the ‘Diwali and Mental Health’.

Gives the Feeling of Contentment

Diwali is the festival that not only remove the darkness of our mind but also give us a cool and calm feeling- a feeling of happiness coated with the feeling of gratitude. It also helps us to communicate with other people, to know more about other people’s true story of life and thus we are getting a sense of satisfaction- a feeling of contentment in us . That’s why we can say that Diwali and Mental health are interrelated with each other.

Strengthen the Friendship

Friendship- sharing thoughts and emotions with friends is really beneficial for us to reduce our tension and anxiety. During Diwali people meet so many people including the old friends and share each other’s thought and issues and also give suggestions to overcome many difficulties. Thus, not only our friendship is strengthened but also we may get some relief from our burdens of mental health issues and live a happier life.

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Words from Wingsofwishes.in

Diwali and Mental Health are really interrelated to some extent as this festival boost up your mind, reduce our stress level and make us happy. But, there are many people with serious issue of disturbed mental health, who may not be happy even in illuminating the house or making Rangolis at the time of Diwali also. Here we just need to aware the family members about the mental health problems of those people and take professional support if needed.



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