Parents as Role Models of Children- 10 Unique Tips to Follow to Be the Role Models of Children.

Parents as Role Models of Children

Parents as Role Models of Children

Parents are the first caregivers, first teachers of the children-from the early days of life the children are following their parents’ behaviors, imitating parents’ reactions. Almost all the lessons of life the children learn from their parents- here Parents as Role Models of children. But often we, the parents are unaware of the fact that our children are modeling our behaviors and show many faulty behavior patterns before them. When the children show those faulty behaviors, the parents become surprised and anxious. So to inculcate good behaviors in children the parents should display nice patterns of behaviors in daily life and ensure the fact Parents as Role models of children.

Parents as Role Models of Children’- explained by Bandura’s Social Learning Theory

Albert Bandura’s Social Learning Theory gave detailed explanation of the fact that children learn through observation, through imitation, through modeling. Social learning is a theory of learning  that process social behavior and states that new behaviors can be acquired by observing and imitating others. It states that learning is a cognitive process that takes place in a social context and can occur purely through observation or modeling. So the parents should be conscious to behave properly in the family or other social contexts because their children are modelling their behaviors-parents as Role Models of Children.

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Tips for Parents to Be the Role Models of Children

To be Parents as Role Models of Children no need for the parents to be perfect, idealistic or excellent in all phases of life- parents just need to be the True Version of Themselves. Some golden tips for parents as role models of children are shared here.

Follow Some Basic Rules in Your Daily Routine

If you want to make your child disciplined, make your child to follow some basic rules in everyday life, then at first you have to also follow some basic rules in your family. For example, you want that your children will take dinner or lunch properly in the dining table, then you must also take dinner or launch in the dining table with them. Similarly, if you want that your child should get up early in the morning, then you also need to follow the same. Otherwise, it is just impossible to make your children to follow the basic rules at home.

Learn to Admit Your Mistakes

To be the Parents as Role Models of children, the parents should learn to admit their mistakes if they commit anyone. This is the most important quality to be the role model for your children because your children will also learn to commit their mistakes and move forward by learning the life lessons from those mistakes.

Be the Real Version of Yourself

The parents should no need to be the perfect one, they will only be their true version of themselves to their children with all their qualities and shortcomings. The children will also model this behavior of their parents and try to be the real version of themselves. They will feel confident for themselves as they are and also feel proud for their parents’ true versions.

Practice Some Good Habits in Your Life

If the parents want to inculcate some good habits in children, then the parents should first practice those things in their daily life. For example, the parents of a little boy want that their son will practice yoga every day. Then his parents also should practice yoga for some minutes every day so that they have no need to force their son for practicing yoga. Their son will surely model their behavior. But, often we, the parents want to inculcate many good habits in children but we rarely follow them. That’s why, our children also don’t want to follow those and a battle starts between parents and children.

Parents as role model of children need to practice some habits first if they want to grow those in children.
Parents as role model of children need to practice some habits first if they want to grow those in children.

Spend Quality Time with the Children

It’s very important for the parents to spend quality time with children so that they know each other in detail and make a strong bond. The parents can play with the children, can read story together, can go for a walk together and thus they can inculcate many good habits in children and share the lessons of morality and humanity. The children will be very happy by spending quality time with the parents- they will try to imitate, to model the behaviors of their parents.

Always Check Your Tone

The way the parents will behave, the children will also follow the same path. If the children behave too badly -too roughly, we should check our behavior towards them or other people. In most of the cases, you will find that you have behaved badly with them or someone may be unintentionally and your innocent child is just modeling this behavior. So, the parents as Role Models of children must be aware to check their tone always.

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keep the Doors of Communication Open

Parents as Role models for children should always keep the doors of communication open so that the children can express freely their feelings with you, can ask questions and also say about their opinions. Open communication between parents and children is most important for their fullest growth and development. So, keep the doors of communication open and be the safe place for your children.

Behave Properly with Family Members

Parents as Role Models of children should behave properly with the husband\wife and also other family members because your child is modeling your behavior with them. For example, sometimes some kids behave badly with their mothers or grandparents and it is found that actually they are showing the behavior patterns of their father with the family members. So, the parents must be careful regarding their own behavior patterns towards their family members to be the parents as Role Models for Children.

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Never Force the Children for Good Behavior

The parents should never force the children to behave properly or punish them for rough behaviors but explain them their faults and the necessity to behave properly so that the children can understand their mistakes and willingly try to rectify their behaviors. Parents as Role Models of children must be empathetic towards their children.

Minimize the Gap Between the Words and Actions

Parents as Role Models of children must be aware that their action always matches with their words, they should display those behaviors that they have already told to children to do. If there are great discrepancies between the words and actions of parents, then it will be very tough to be the Role Models for children.

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Parenting is the most beautiful journey of life and also the most challenging one. Our children are actually modeling our behaviors not the behaviors of film stars or great personalities. So, the parents should be aware of this fact and bring out the best version of themselves to be the Parents as Role Models of Children.

There is no such thing as being the perfect parent. So just be a Real One. – SUE ATKINS


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