What is Love Bombing? 8 Signs of Love Bombing That You Should Know.

Signs of Love Bombing that you should know.

Signs of Love Bombing that You Should Know

Love Bombing is not the expression of intense love or your true expression of love, it is a type of manipulation technique used to influence a person by doing some romantic activities or offering lots of expensive gifts or praising you excessively. It looks like that someone is complimenting you constantly or wanting you always be around him/her and thus may give you initially a very good feeling but later you will feel suffocation in this relationship. So, we all should know about the signs of Love Bombing to protect us from that emotional abuse.

What is Love Bombing?

Love bombing is a technique of attracting or influencing people by offering excessive attention, flattery, praise, affection and so called love. Initially it seems that someone is in intense love with a person and values more that person than himself\herself but as days pass on love bombing takes the form of emotional abuse or psychological abuse. So it is very important to recognize the signs of love bombing so that we can protect ourselves to immerse into an abusive relationship.

Sometimes it may be used in positive way- the clinical psychologist Oliver James in 2011 advocated Love Bombing as the parenting technique to rectify the emotional problems of children. But most of the psychologists described the term as the psychological manipulation- possibly as a type of psychological abuse to influence other people and so they warn people against it.

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Who are Doing the Love Bombing?

Anyone can be the Love Bombers but actually it is seen among the Narcissistic persons or anyone suffering from narcissistic personality disorder. It may be seen among them who are suffering from insecurity problems or having the issues related to trust others. It may be also seen among the persons who has other mental health issues like Inferiority complex, suffering from childhood traumatic experiences or other personality disorder.

Major Signs of Love Bombing

Love Bombing is an attempt to influence or manipulate a person by showing too much affection, attention or care and gradually it turns into an abusive relationship. So, it is very important to understand the signs of love bombing so that we can protect ourselves from any kind of trap in the name of caring or romantic relationship. Some of the major signs are-

Too Much Praise or Compliment

The love bombers always do flattering, always try to praise you or searching the scope to praise you, they always use too many compliments for you like ” You are the most amazing soul I have ever met” or ” Without you life will not be completed- you are my lifeline.’ Initially those praise, compliments, flattery may give you immense happiness and excitement but later those take the form of signs of Love Bombing.

Always Expect a Lot of Attention

The love bombers always expect a lot of attention from their partners- they are the attention seekers. Initially you may feel good, happy for that but later you will feel suffocated in the relationship. offering too much praise, compliment, gifts etc. are actually to get the attention and affection of partners.

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Bombarding with Gifts

It’s one of the major signs of love bombing that the love bombers always give too much expensive gifts to their partners, not only on special days but also without any occasion. The persons who are getting the gifts are initially very happy but later they may feel that this is the way of showing his\her control and attracting attention.

Over- Communicate their Love

One of the major signs of love bombing is the over communicating love, expressing love towards partner continuously during conversation so that sometimes that person may feel embarrassed or ashamed. Without any reason the love bombers express their love during the day-to-day conversation and try to get the constant affection and attention of partner.

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Demanding of Attention

the love bombers always show demanding behavior for getting attention from their partners, they want that they should be the first priority in the priority list of their partners and never allow anyone to get more attention and value. Sometimes the love bombers are also jealous of other family members and friends if their partner give attention to those people.

Seeking too much attention and demanding behavior are also the signs of love bombing.
Seeking too much attention and controlling behavior are also the signs of Love Bombing.

Never Allow Space in Relationship

One of the major signs of love bombing is that not allowing the personal space in relationship. The love bomber always try to spy on you- where are you now? to whom you are talking and for how many minutes etc.? They always try to control their partners- make the partners to listen to their commands and act accordingly.

Always Ignore the Feelings of Partners

Though the love bombers always praise their partners or give various gifts or use various nice compliments but never consider or value the feelings of their partners. The love bombers always try ignoring the feelings of their partners and force them to listen to their order and thus here the signs of love bombing slowly slowly take the form of emotional abuse.

Preference of PDA

PDA is the public display of affection and it is one of the major signs of love bombing. The love bombers like to display PDA always to seek attention and affection of partners, to show people that they have a very romantic relationship but later it takes the form of psychological abuse. So showing PDA is one of the most important signs of love bombing and people should identify it as the love bombing not as the romance in relationship.


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