How Can You Help Daughter to Handle Her First Period? 5 Effective Ways to Know

Help Daughter to handle her first period

How to Help Daughter to Handle her First Period?

It’s the typical experience- the first period of girls, it may be the confusing and overwhelming experience to a girl if it occurs suddenly to her and she has no idea of it. So it’s very important for the parents to help the daughter with her first period so that the period never becomes a Taboo or Shame to her. The first period of the girls is known as the Menarche- when the girl starts to be menstruating for the first time.

It starts within the age period of 10-14 years but sometimes the girls may have the early period at the age of 9 or late as the age of 15. It’s the significant mark of Puberty for a girl and the most critical period of her life and that’s why the parents should offer their help to effectively deal with the situation.

How to Help Daughter to Handle Her First Period? 5 Ways to Know.

The first period of the girls are associated with not only the bleeding and cramping but also the prominent mood swings and sometimes a sense of guilt feeling and shame mixed with secrecy. So, the parents should help daughter to handle her first period by making her familiar with this normal process of body and also create awareness among her with the hygiene associated with it and also to avoid the social taboos and stigma associated with it. 5 effective ways for the parents to help the daughter to handle her first period are discussed here.

Open Conversion about Periods

The parents should openly talk about the period with their daughter so that she gets a sense about it and prepare herself to accept her first period normally. Open conversion will stop her to acquire wrong information from outside sources and also not to take period as a matter of ‘Shame’ or ‘Fear’. But be careful to use the age-appropriate words to them to understand the periods.

Discuss about the Female Reproductive System

To help daughter to handle her first period, it is important for the parents to discuss the science behind periods- the body mechanism associated with it and also other changes of puberty. It is very beneficial to discuss with the girls about the female Reproductive System- we can show a chart, model or also the video’s from authentic sources to discuss in detail about periods but here all exposure will be under your guidance.

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Talk about the Menstrual Hygiene

To help daughter to handle her first period, the parents should discuss about the menstrual hygiene, about the things used in periods like the pads, menstrual cup, cleaned clothes etc., the procedure of using the pads and also disposal of those. The menstrual hygiene always protects the girls from any kind of infections in their reproductive system.

Take the Help of Teachers or School Counselors

The first period of girls are not only associated with bodily changes like bleeding, cramping etc. but also with frequent mood swings, irritability and helplessness. Till now most of the girls accept the period as a matter of Shame or Guilt and prevent themselves to lead anormal life. Here the counselors and the teachers can help the girls having the first periods- thus the parents can tie up with teachers to help daughter to handle her first period.

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Help Daughter to handle her first period

Don’t Stop Her to Do the Daily Chores

To accept the periods as the normal process of life, the girls having the periods should not be stopped to perform her daily chores, the parents should never force her to follow some irrational beliefs related to periods. To help daughter to handle her first period, the parents should encourage her lead a normal life on those days of periods also.

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Till now the periods are treated as the Shame or a matter of secrecy in our society, many adolescent girls all over the world don’t have the access to right information regarding periods and often they are lacking the knowledge of menstrual hygiene. In this scenario to help daughter to handle her first period, the parents should be very empathetic, responsible and open-minded to send away the taboos and stigma associated with periods.


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