How to Know if Your Child is an Introvert? 10 Common and Prominent Signs of an Introvert Child.

Signs of an Introvert Child.

Know the Signs of an Introvert Child

Do you know that why your child is so sensitive? Are you in tension that your child prefers to play alone? Does your child feel difficulties to be in new environment? Does your child avoid the crowdy places? Are they suffering from separation anxiety? If you see these types of signs in your child- don’t be anxious, don’t be worried about your child- nothing is happened to him\her. Actually, they are the introvert children who likes to live in their own world. The parents should know about the signs of an introvert child to help him\her to achieve their full potential in life.

I don’t Hate People, I just Feel Better when they aren’t around.” – Charles Bukowski

Introverts Vs Extroverts

Extroverts are the people who are sociable, enthusiastic, outgoing and action oriented. They prefer to talk with people, they are friendly and feel good after spending with people. But often they have little attention span and they are attention seekers, it is very hard for them to spend time alone. on the other hand, the introverts prefer to stay alone- stay in quiet, they are more comfortable with exploring their inner thoughts and ideas rather the outside world. They are not so sociable; they avoid people whom they don’t know and like to spend time with one or two close friends.

Though the intelligence has no direct relation with introverts or extroverts, it is found that 70% of high intellectual people, gifted people around the world are the introverts. So, the parents should know about the signs of an introvert child to ensure the proper growth of the child.

Common Signs of an Introvert Child

Some signs are common and prominent in children so that we can easily identify the introvert children, but we often ignore those signs and also force our introvert child to behave like the extrovert one. So, here the common and visible signs of an introvert child is discussed to help the parents of the introverts.

They Love to Be Quiet- Speak Less

The introvert children are living in their own world- they are thinking about their inner way, enjoying spend time with themselves. So, they love to be quiet, they speak less but think more. They may be listening to you but they will not express it.

They Need Time to Give Response- to Interact

The introvert child cannot interact quickly, talk with someone quickly. They need time to response, to react as they are in the process of continuous involvement with inner thoughts. Moreover, they are also not comfortable to interact with the strangers or less familiar persons.

They are Sensitive to Their Environment

Sensitivity to the environment is one of the major signs of an introvert child, they are not only sensitive to the people around them but also they are sensitive to their immediate physical environment. Most of them prefer to spend time with nature- like to sit in a silent place. The louder noise even the cry of baby or the loud sound of microphone can make them irritated.

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They Like to Stay in Their Routine Activities

The introverts like an organized way of life, they are generally disciplined- so they prefer to follow their daily routine in their everyday life. More change in daily activities suddenly make them disturbed and upset.

They cannot Accept Easily Anyone or Any Situation

Not to trust a stranger or not comfortable with anyone is also one of the major signs of an introvert child. The introvert children cannot adjust to a situation easily, they need some time as their mindset cannot accept new people, new situation quickly. We, the elders should not force our introvert child to communicate with someone who is new to our child or a situation which is different from his\her familiar one.

Introvert child is sensitive to Environment.
Introvert child is sensitive to environment.

The Introverts Cannot Express Them Easily

It is very tough for the introverts to express themselves- to say about their views, wishes, liking and disliking. As they speak less, prefer to be in silence and are less comfortable in any new environment, it is also so tough for them to express their views and concerns. Sometimes the parents and caregivers are bound to comprehend what they want or what not. One of the most significant signs of an introvert child is the incapability to express themselves.

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They Prefer Solo Play than Group Play

The introvert children avoid playing in groups- they dislike the crowd around them but they prefer the solo play. Actually, in solo play they are thinking about their inner feelings, imagine their wishes and desires and make a world of their own. So, we should not force our children to play in groups if they prefer solo play because playing solo game is also one of the signs of an introvert child.

They are Comfortable in Their Familiar Environment

It is also one of the common signs of an introvert child that they like to stay in their familiar surroundings- they are comfortable in their own place, own home. Little bit change in their immediate environment severely affect them as they are most sensitive to the environment. But in their familiar environment, they explore, they play and they feel Happy.

They are Unique, Special

Do you know that more than 75% of people with an IQ above 160 are the introverts? Most of the introverts are very special, unique- they are not only the good scholars but also show their unique talent in music, painting, writing and so many other fields. The geniuses like the famous Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, J.K. Rowling, Sir Isaac Newton, Mark Zukerberg and even the great Mahatma Gandhi are the examples of the introvert. So, the parents should try to understand the signs of an introvert child and thus help their children to grow.

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They have the Separation Anxiety

Most of the introvert children have the separation anxiety- they feel anxious when they have to be separated from their parents or other care givers and also from their familiar environment. As the introvert child cannot easily accept the new environment or new people and also cannot communicate easily, always they feel anxious when they are separating from their parents or their immediate environment.

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Whether our children will be introvert or extrovert? – it is not known to me and it is not in our hand. But to know the signs of an introvert child, identify our child as introvert or extrovert and help our children to grow to their maximum potential is our duty towards our children. Often the parents scold their introvert child, force them to behave like the extrovert children and thus severely affect the overall development of those children. So, I am requesting all the parents to know deeply about your children, help them to grow and to be the future Einstein or Newton or Bill Gates or more than them.


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