How to Manage Aggression in Adolescents? 5 Major Causes and 5 Effective Ways to Manage Aggression.

We should manage Aggression in Adolescents.

Manage Aggression in Adolescents

Aggression and Violence are the most common issue among the adolescents and it is increasing rapidly throughout the glove. The school-going children are indulged in too much aggressive behavior- they start to fight or beat others for the little little things. Sometimes they also make themselves injured for their violent behavior and also become the socially withdrawn person. Their academic performance and also their personal growth as a human being is totally hampered and they may develop as the Anti-Socials. So, it’s the urgent need of the society to learn to manage Aggression in Adolescents.

Causes of Aggression In Adolescents

To manage Aggression in adolescents, it is important to be familiar with the probable causes of Aggression. Yes, we know that adolescence is the period of drastic physical, mental and emotional changes and the secretion of hormones is too high at that stage. But not only the rapid physical growth but also the family environment, exposure to violence, traumatic experiences etc. also contribute a lot to make the adolescents aggressive. The major factors responsible for Aggression in adolescents are stated here.

ADHD and Conduct Disorder

If the adolescents are suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, they will often show Aggression due to their hyperactivity nature. Generally, if we cannot channelize here the hyperactivity of adolescents in a positive way, it will choose the path of aggression and violence. So, to manage aggression in adolescents we should also learn the triggers of aggression.

The adolescents suffering from Conduct Disorder always show aggressiveness in their behavior, they are violent in nature and not only harm others but also often harm themselves. Here in both the cases, we need the professional counselling and support.

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Family Issues

If the adolescents witness the violent activities in their family and also find out the involvement of parents in the violence, they are more prone to showing aggression in their daily life. Moreover, parental conflicts, divorce, addiction of parents and other unhealthy family environment always act as the trigger points to aggression in adolescents.

Abuse and Bullying

If the adolescents are the victim of any kind of abuse whether physical, sexual or psychological and especially they cannot express about that inhumane abuse, they will surely show aggression and violence as the coping strategies to bear the intolerable pain.

Depression and other Mental Illness

To manage aggression in adolescents, we should find out that whether the adolescents are suffering from any kind of mental illness like depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder etc. Often the aggression and violence are the byproducts of mental health issues but we always neglect our mental health. If the adolescents are suffering from depression, anxiety disorder, inferiority complex etc. they may show aggression in their behavioral activities.

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Substance Use Disorder

If the adolescents are addicted to any kind of substance- drugs, alcohol or others, they may display aggression in their daily life. Especially, when they are not getting the substance of their addiction, they are too violent to handle them and can harm people including themselves.

So to manage aggression in adolescents, we should consider the causes underlying it. Sometimes physical health issues like Brain injury, relationship issues, traumatic experiences and also for seeking attention from others act as the trigger points of aggressive behavior.

Ways to Manage Aggression in Adolescents

Though it is tough but not impossible to manage aggression in adolescents. Here we first need to make a good relationship with them, try to figure out their issues on the basis of their perspective and the most important thing is that accept themselves as they are with their flaws and limitations. Some effective ways to manage aggression in adolescents are shared below.

Make a Bond with Adolescents

To manage Aggression in Adolescents we need first to make a bond with them otherwise they will never listen to us and it is not so easy to make a bond with them as most of them are suffering from trust issues, neglect, betrayal or inferiority complex. Most of them have behavioral disorders and we may often feel annoyed and angry for the stuffs done by them. Here we need to hold our patience, little bit overlooks their behavior and be friendly with them if we really care for them.

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Be Empathetic to Adolescents

Adolescence is the most struggling period of life, often the adolescents are confused, overthinkers and don’t know to respond in a proper way. Sometimes they have family issues like separation of parents, death of loved ones, adjustment problems, academic pressure etc. and they are unable to cope with all those pressures and issues. Then they express themselves through their aggressive behaviors. So, to manage aggression in adolescents we should be empathetic to them- to their situations.

Communication is Essential

Proper communication with the adolescents only can help us to resolve their issues- to manage their aggressive behaviors. The open communication can only bring light to their unresolved conflicts and find ways to get the solution. If the parents or teachers can talk openly with the aggressive adolescents and really try to figure out the sources of aggression, it will surely be the beneficial one.

Aggression Cannot Be the Answer of Aggression

It’s really tough to manage aggression in adolescents -to behave nicely with them despite their too aggressive behaviors. But, if the answer of aggression is aggression, the situation will worsen soon. You may notice that scolding, slapping or other type of physical punishment have no effect on the adolescents or on their aggressive behaviors. Praise, positive words, nice gestures sometimes here do magic on them.

Make them Agree for Counselling

Counselling is the ultimate way to manage aggression in adolescents as the counselors can help them to figure out their issues, to cope with the pressures of life and also heal them from the traumatic experiences witnessed by them. Cognitive Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person-centered Therapy, Family therapy etc. are really effective to manage aggression in adolescents.

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Aggression in adolescents is increasing day by day as the exposure to violence and aggression is too much and easily available to them due to high-speed internet access and also the availability of smartphones, laptop or desktop. The loneliness of adolescents in urban areas is also the trigger factor here due to nuclear family or feeling neglected by the parents. So, parental awareness and empathetic attitude is needed here to manage aggression in adolescents.


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