What is Sibling Jealousy? 5 Effective Ways to Minimize the Sibling Jealousy.

Sibling Jealousy

Sibling Jealousy

Are you suffering from Sibling Jealousy? Do you ever see this type of jealousy between your children or in your family? It is the jealousy present among the siblings especially after the birth of a second child, most of the time the first child is in fear of losing the parental attention, affection and care and this fear and insecurity of the first child often express in the form of Sibling Jealousy. It is also known as the Sibling Rivalry seen in the form of competition, quarrel and fighting among children.

Causes of Sibling Jealousy

Sibling Rivalry is the most common phenomenon seen among the siblings and it’s also the natural response. The main cause of this jealousy is the fear of losing attachment with parents mainly with the mother. When a newborn baby comes in family, everyone is busy with that baby and then the older child feels neglected. This neglect and fear in older children appear in the form of jealousy toward his\her younger siblings.

The faulty Parenting style is also act as the source of this type of jealousy- if the parents are really too busy with their younger children and don’t spend time with the elder one, the elder child will surely feel jealousy towards the younger sibling. Sometimes the parents use some harsh words or sentences just as a part of joke towards the elder one; for example, ” Now we will Love more the younger child.” or ” Your little brother will not be naughty as you.” etc. This type of words is really sufficient to make the elder child extremely jealous towards the younger child.

If the older child is not allowed to see, play or spend time with the younger one, the older one may develop the jealousy towards his\her younger siblings.

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Ways to Minimize Sibling Jealousy

The one and only solution to minimize the jealousy between your children is the attention and care of parents towards their elder child after the birth of the younger child also. If the elder one doesn’t feel neglected or deprived from parental affection and care after the birth of a newborn baby, they will never be jealous towards their younger sibling. Some effective ways to minimize sibling jealousy are stated here.

Involve the Elder Child to Welcome the Younger

If the parents make the older child prepare to welcome the newborn baby, the older will surely be happy and feel involved here. The parents can share with the elder one that they are going to welcome a new baby in the house as the play-partner of him\her and must ask him\her to buy things for the newborn. Here in this process the elder one will feel happy to welcome his\her younger sibling.

Parents Spend Time with Elder Child

The parents must spend time with the elder child after the birth of the newborn baby so that the elder one does not feel neglected by the parents or does not have the fear of losing the love and care of parents. The parents can here ask the elder child about his\her feelings of having a younger sibling and others. The parents must ensure that no big changes should be made in the lifestyle of elder one especially related to his\her study.

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Elder One to Spend Time with Younger

The parents must allow the elder child to spend time with the younger child- to play with the younger one or talk with younger one. The Parents can help the elder child to take his\her younger sibling on his\her lap. This type of attachment of elder child with the younger sibling surely minimize the Sibling Jealousy.

Don’t Compare the Children

The parents should never compare their children but most of the parents do this mistake. If they have two children they always compare between them like’ Your brother is a very good boy but you are the naughty one’ or ‘We love your little sister more because she is too nice to us” etc. This type of comparison always creates jealousy or rivalry between the siblings. Hence the parents should be careful here to avoid comparing their children.

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Practice ‘Share and Care

To minimize the Sibling Jealousy, the parents should make efforts to cultivate the ‘Share and Care’ practice in children. Share and Care practice means teach the children to share any stuff food or toys or others with the siblings, to take care of each other, to play together or eat together. All those activities of Share and Care will surely make a good bond in siblings.

Words from Wingsofwishes.in

Sibling Jealousy is the natural phenomenon of siblings and it is minimized naturally as soon as a strong bond is formed between the siblings. Only here the parents need to be sensitive and careful so that not to increase the intensity of jealousy by unhealthy comparison of children or showing neglect to anyone but to minimize the sibling jealousy by cultivating the culture of caring, affection, love and sharing in family.


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