Is Your Relationship Failing? 9 Major Signs of a Failing Relationship.

Know the Signs of a Failing Relationship.

Signs of a Failing Relationship

Do you feel suffocation in your relationship? Do you feel that it feels like a burden to you? Do you feel Happiness, sense of security or just the cool vives in your relationship? Can you be Real in your relationship or you need to put extra effort to express you? If you really feel suffocation, insecurity or burdensome in your relationship, may be your relationship is a failing one. Know the most common Signs of a Failing Relationship to explore and identify your issues.

Common Signs of a Failing Relationship

Relationship is not only to stay together, live together or share materialistic things- it’s more than that, it’s the effort to support each other, to share each others responsibilities, to work as a team, to get shelter in your hard times and to accept other as he\she is. But often we misunderstand the attraction or romanticism as the base of our relationship and make ourselves trapped in world far than the reality. After a while we feel that we are trapped and want to come out of this suffocated relationship and then our relationship turns in to a failing relationship. Here some common signs of a failing relationship is shared so that we can identify the essence of our relationship.

Lack of Trust

Trust is the most important component of a relationship- without trust no relationship is possible. If you see that your partner is not honest with you, trying to hide something from you or doing some suspicious activities, you should try to know your relationship deeply- your partner more closely. If you have the sufficient proofs that your partner is showing mistrust in relationship then you should come out of this bond. Infidelity is one of the major signs of a failing relationship.

Trying to Criticize Always

If your partner always try to criticize you even for your silly mistakes- try to make you responsible for all the mess or always warn you that you may commit mistakes, then you should be aware about your relationships. You may try to talk your partner about this issue to resolve. But , if he\she cannot identify his\her mistakes, then it will be better to move on to protect your “SELF’. The tendency to criticize the partner always is also one of the major signs of failing relationship.

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Lack of Communication

Lack of communication is one of the most significant signs of a failing relationship- it is found that all the unsuccessful relationship didn’t have proper communication between the partners. Lack of communication always create misunderstandings and confusion in relationship and make a tiny matter in to a loud one. If you see that your partner have no intention to communicate with you- to understand your perspective and similarly you have also lost interest in communication, then you may take it as the sign of your failing relationship.

Don’t Respect Each Other

The core value of a relationship is showing mutual respect- value others opinion also though it is different from your one. If your partner never show respect towards you- your views and concerns, it will be surely one of the major signs of a failing relationship. Look at your inner core- do you feel respect towards your partner? Think and reflect.

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Lack of Intimacy

Lack of intimacy or tendency to avoid intimacy in relationship is also one of the most important signs of a failing relationship. Intimacy in relationship is the natural process of it but if you or your partner don’t have any desire to intimacy or try to avoid this, then you should think about your relationship whether it is a real one or the artificial one.

Always blame the partner.
Try to Criticize the partner always.

Try to Avoid Your Partner

If you try to avoid your partner- not enjoying his\her company, not feeling well spending time with him\her or your vibes are not matched with your partner and vice-versa, then it’s the time to rethink about your relationship, to think whether to proceed more or come out from that suffocated relationship. When your relationship doesn’t give you assurance, hope, joy or fulfillment, it is better to move on from that failing relationship.

Feeling Controlled in a Relationship

If you feel that you are controlled in a relationship- you have no personal space or some time to spend with only yourself, you are always bound to choose your partners opinion or choices or you are ” spying” by your partners, then you should face your issues. You should talk freely about your partner that you are feeling controlled, suffocated in this relationship. If she\he doesn’t want to change their mindset or don’t stop to controlling you, then you will surely take this as one of the important signs of a failing relationship.

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No Argument in Relationship

If the relationship is facing a cold phase- no communication, no sharing, no care and concern and also both the partners try to avoid each other, then there will be no argument in relationship. Having no argument in relationship actually indicates that your relationship is failing and it is better to accept this. Having little fights, arguments in relationship actually are the signs of a healthy relationship but ‘ No Argument’ in relationship depicts it’s end, it’s failure.

Taken For Granted

To consider your partner as the ‘taken for granted’ is also one of the signs of a failing relationship- you should always appreciate, value and respect your partner’s contribution to make your relationship a stronger one. But, if you take him\her as the taken for granted, you are actually sowing the seed of failure in relationship.

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Mutual understanding, Trust, Mutual Respect and Open Communication are the core values of a relationship that make the relationship a successful one. If you don’t find trust, respect or open communication in a relationship, it will be better to know yourself and also your relationship deeply and come out from a Failed Relationship. That’s why, the signs of a failing relationship is shared here.


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