How to Make Our Relationship Stronger and Happier? 6 Simple Ways to make Relationship Stronger and Happier.

How to make our relationship Stronger and Happier? Relationship Issues are the burning problem of our society, a large number of people are suffering to handle their relationship problems. The incidents of conflicts, divorce, misunderstandings etc are increasing day by day and make people’s life miserable and vulnerable. But we can resolve a lot of our relationship crisis if we are, positive and give value to our relationship. You can follow these 6 simple techniques to make your relationship stronger and happier. Trust me, just apply the techniques for 15 days as a trial period and see the difference.

6 Simple Techniques to make your Relationship Stronger and Happier.

1. Always keep the Doors of Communication Open- : Misunderstanding, arguments, conflicts etc are the part and parcel of our relationship. In every relationship, there are phases of ups and downs, good and bad, merits and demerits and all these things together constitute the precious Life. But whatever happen in life – always keep the Doors of Communication so that we can discuss together to sort out our issues. Most of the time it is found that by open communication , a large number of difficulties in relationship are dissolved. Open communication always lessen the misunderstanding between relationships and make the relationship more stable, more stronger.

To make your Relationship Stronger and Happier always Keep the Doors of Communication Open.

2. Be Honest to your Partner/Family Members:- Always try to be honest in relationships – if you do something wrong or anykind of mess, immediately admit it towards your partner( or other family members ). Your partner may be angry with you for sometimes but later he/she must forgive you . But if you are dishonest in relationship, one day it will be expressed to all and the “Trust ” present in your relationship will be evaporated.

Be Honest in Relationship to make your Relationship Stronger.

.3. Always Give Space to your Relationship:- It is very important to give Space in your relationship to take breathe, to rejuvenate and to grow. Every human being has it’s own interests, passion, likes and dislikes, own way of thinking – always interfering in your partner’s life in every aspect destroy the purity, beauty and quality of the bond and make the relationship vulnerable. Not only for partners or husband- wife, it is equally applicable to our children’s life also. After a certain period of time, it is needed to give Space to our children to ensure their growth- to adapt to their environment and to learn the lessons of life. So “giving space” to your relationship is the important technique to make your relationship stronger and happier.

To make your Relationship Stronger and Happier try to give Space to your Relationship.

.4. Don’t Take Your Partner/ Family Members as ” Taken for Granted ” -: In relationship we are taking care of each other, showing concern for each other, helping each other in doing works or taking responsibilities and thus our family is formed. Is no it? We are taking care of each other , sharing our responsibilities etc because we value our relationship. But never take your partner as” Taken for Granted ” to do all the duties of family or to take care of you or your children. He or she is doing these as he or she is taking care of you- valuing the relationship. The children also should not consider their parents as” Taken for Granted “for fulfilling their all demands.

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6 Simple Techniques to make your Relationship Stronger and Happier. Don’t Take Your Partner as “Taken for Granted “.

.5. Don’t be a” Fault Finder” in Relationship. Ignore Small Mistakes. -: Making mistakes, doing messes, doing wrong etc are natural for all human beings. Is not it? In everyday life, we are committing so many mistakes intentionally or unintentionally. But if you start to find out the faults of your partner only- it will hurt him/her and demotivate heror him to do their duties or daily chores. If there are any major mistakes- anything significant discuss with your partner and try to sort out the issues. But learn to ignore the minor mistakes to make your Relationship a special one. Not only for your partner, this condition is applicable for other family members also including our children. So learn to ignore the small mistakes and don’t be a ” Fault Finder ” in relationship to make your relationship stronger and happier.

Don’t be a ” Fault Finder always.

.6. Accept your Partner as a package of Good and also Bad.-: Every human being has both good and bad- merits and demerits within him or her. We always prefer the good qualities of people but don’t like the bad one. Is not it? But we are created as a package of both Good and Bad, positive and negative qualities. Though every human should start to prioritize his/her good qualities, sometimes we display some negative emotions, behavior also like anger, jealousy, stubbornness etc. Is not it? If it is acceptable for us, why not for our partners? So try to accept your partner’s some bad qualities also along with their good qualities- I.e. Love him/her with all of his/her right and wrong. Yes, you will try to rectify your partner’s bad habit but accept your Partner as a whole. Sometimes we have to accept the Thrones aso to get the beautiful Rose.

Accept your Partner as a package of Good and Bad. Make your Relationship Stronger .

Actually our relationship also consistently need our empathy, care, concern, understanding and trust and with all these ingredients we make the LOVE towards our relationship. In this modern society to run in the Rat-Race of life, we are continuously facing failures, crisis and losing of opportunities. In relationship also, we have several issues which may take the form of volcano if it is not sorted. So you can apply these 6 simple techniques to make your Relationship a stronger and happier one. I am going to apply it in my relationship and see the magic. Aren’t you?

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