Are you Nagging Children Constantly? 5 Harmful Effects of Nagging on Your Children.

Nagging Children

Nagging Children

Are you fond of Nagging Children? Do you ever comprehend that you are in the process of ‘Nagging’ and thus make your children miserable? Often, we as parents don’t know that we are in the process of Nagging our Children and do harm to them. Though the literal meaning of nagging is constantly harassing someone to do something or complaining and fault finding continuously, it’s also the way of constant criticizing of people for something. But Nagging Children is more than those, it’s the way of constantly humiliating child and making children’s life miserable in a true sense.

A study published in the “Journal of Child and Family Studies” found that nagging was associated with higher levels of parent-child conflict and lower levels of child compliance and cooperation. Really Nagging has no value in child development or making the children to follow the appropriate behavior patterns, it only has negative impact on children.

What is Nagging Children?

It’s the way of repeatedly asking children to do their chores and other stuffs, repeatedly telling them to behave in a particular way or frequently criticizing them for all their deeds. It also involves constantly comparing them with other children and often use the sarcastic words to humiliate them. Most of the parents are unknowingly involved in the process of Nagging Children without knowing the devasting effect of it on children’s personality, mindset and behaviors. An article ” Child Development” states that the parents of the children who are doing less nagging and more positive communication with their children always foster the development of better social skills and emotional regulation in their children.

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Effects of Nagging on Children

The disruptive behavior in children is directly related to Nagging by their parents, a study published in PubMed in 2020 “Parenting Practices and Child Disruptive Behavior Problems in Early Elementary School” states that distinct parenting practices may be associated with type and profile of a child’s disruptive behavior problems (e.g., oppositional, aggressive, hyperactive). Avoid the ‘Nagging Children’ does not mean that the parents cannot make their children disciplined or good- mannered, it only means that to avoid the way of forcing children to do something or behave in a certain way. The major negative effects of nagging are stated here to create awareness among parents.

Lowered Self-Esteem

Nagging always put the children in a state of confusion or dilemma, they start to be confused about their own deeds and decisions and also to be worried about the consequences of their actions. And thus, the children lose their self-confidence, self-esteem and the courage to do something or to explore to find some something innovative. Even they cannot take the simple decisions of their life due to their low self-esteem, for the silly decisions like whether to go friend’s house or not, whether to take an ice-cream or not, they need to rely on their parents. But Self Esteem is essential in each phase of people’s life, is not it?

Nagging Children

Weak Parent-Child Bond

Yes, the Nagging Children make the parent-child bond weaker and weaker because the children will feel irritated and angry due to the act of nagging, and they start to avoid the parents. At the childhood they may listen to parents and do chores or others but whenever they enter into Teenage, they just start to disobey their parents and even some teenagers stop to talk with their parents and thus make the Parent-Child bond into a ‘Non-Active Cold Bond’.

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Mental Health Issues

Several studies have shown that Nagging Children is also a great contributor for the stress, anxiety disorders and depression in children as they are always in a state of criticized by parents and also instructed by parents to act in their daily life as the “Doll” without expressing their own opinions and desires. Children are always in fear and tension that they will be scolded for not doing their works in time or their parent will start to make complain about them. Continuous Nagging Children also make the children to go away emotionally from parents and those children start to feel lonely, hopeless and even depression.

Behavioral Resistance

Nagging Children also make the children to show Behavioral Resistance, behavioral resistance means the children resist not only the big but also the small requests more specifically the instructions/orders of their parents and often show too aggressive behaviors to others. Actually ‘Nagging’ makes them irritated, angry, frustrated and hopeless, then they start to give answer of all those ‘Nagging’ through behavioral resistance and thus make the parents to be a part of critical circumstances.

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Effect on Personality

Nagging Children badly effect the personality of children- instead of being a strong and confident child, he\she may show submissive personality and hardly have the decision-making skills for his\her life. Generally, those children are less expressive and have insecurity issues and suffer a lot from confusions and doubts. They are also prone to peer pressure, easily influenced by other people and grow up as a dependent one. Do you want such type of distortion in the personality of your children?

Words from

Nagging Children really has too harmful effect in the growth and development of them and the parents should try to stop nagging. But the parents should never stop to make their children disciplined, well-mannered, organized and here they will never apply “Nagging” but surely apply structured guidance route using appreciation, positive relationship and empathetic understanding.


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