What is Abusive Parenting? Know 6 Major Signs of Abusive Parenting.

Major Signs of Abusive Parenting

Major Signs of Abusive Parenting

Do you hear about Abusive Parenting? Are you familiar with the major signs of abusive parenting? Actually, some abusive parents also cannot understand that their parenting style is abusive in nature. Abusive parenting is the type of parenting where the children are abused physically, mentally, emotionally or sometimes sexually. It’s the type of parenting that exploit the childhood of children and also badly shaped their adulthood. Though in many countries laws are formed against physical abuse or maltreatment but the psychological or emotional abuse are very hard to identify and give protection to children. That’s why we should know the signs of abusive parenting to rectify ourselves and give protection to our children.

What is Abusive Parenting?

Abusive Parenting is the type of parenting that includes parental abuse in any form whether physical, mental, sexual, emotional or even the verbal form of abuse. Though physical abuse is recognized easily but psychological or emotional abuse is very difficult to recognize. Humiliating a child, criticizing, rejecting, shaming publicly, blaming or manipulating, silent treatment, withdrawing love and care, physical punishment etc. are some of the characteristic features or major signs of abusive parenting.

Major Signs of Abusive Parenting

It is easily identified the signs of physical abuse on children but very difficult to find out the emotional or psychological abuse in children as it is hidden within family and the children are too young to talk or share about those abusive behaviors. But the school counselors and close people of this family (where abusive parenting takes place) can easily identify the major signs of abusive parenting and the types of abusive behaviors by talking and observing the children. Generally, those victim children are always sad, scared and vulnerable, they have poor academic performance, often they show violent behaviors in school, they have difficulties in communication with others and also suffering from insecurity and trust issues.

Here some major signs of abusive parenting are shared to help the parents for self-reflection.

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Physical Punishment- Domestic Violence

The most common form of Abusive parenting is giving physical punishment to children- often beat the children for their little mistakes, do spanking, throwing them, hair pulling, biting, pinching them etc. are the most horrific abusive behaviors to the children. Often the children are the victims of domestic violence from any one of the parents and lead a pathetic life.

Verbal Abuse by Parents

Often the abusive parents do verbal abuse to children- saying degrading words to them, criticizing them always, humiliating them in front of people, scolding, saying slang words, making them always inferior and guilty are the common forms of verbal abuse which completely ruin the growth and development of children. It is very hard to identify the forms of verbal abuse and give protection to children as the children try to hide those degrading words of their parents as they grow elder. Verbal abuse only can make the children a store house of insecurity, inferiority complex, guilt and shame and make those children vulnerable to live.

Neglected Behavior

Another major signs of abusive parenting is the neglected behavior of parents, often the abusive parents are neglecting the basic needs and requirements of their children like clothing, books, time to read or do HomeWorks, the time to play or even those children are not getting the scope of proper sleep. For example, the children of alcoholic parents or mentally ill parents rarely get scope to sleep properly and also proper kind of food. Many parents are withdrawing their love and care to children and thus give them the feelings of neglect and abandonment.

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Isolating the Children

Often many parents force their children to choose a life of isolation apart from society, they don’t allow the children to play with other children or do other kind of social- interactions. Those parents like to confine their children only in their room and thus convert those children into maladjusted children towards the society. So, isolation of children from society is also one of the major signs of abusive parenting.

Making the Children Scared- Terrorizing

Another major signs of abusive parenting is that to make the children sacred, afraid, make them terrorized by showing them the fear of abandonment or imprisonment or sometimes the severe physical punishment. Many abusive parents often start to blackmail them emotionally by telling them that you will loose your mother if you don’t listen to her or your father will not come back home if you disobey him. These types of terrorizing behaviors make the poor children scared, traumatized and they may develop phobia or fear in them permanently.

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Parentification is one of the major signs of abusive parenting because it steals or ruin the childhood of the children. Parentification means the children are taken responsibilities as the elders like taking care of siblings, disputing conflicts between parents, doing regular household chores by hampering own study, taking care of ill members of family. Sometimes the life itself makes the children to behave like the elders but sometimes the abusive parents force the children to take responsibilities of family- to play the role of a parent in his\her childhood and thus steals the childhood of children.

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The consequence of abusive parenting is worst for the children- those children develop as the human being who have no self-confidence, no self-respect regarding themselves and who are lack of social skills, emotional regulation, decision making skill and other life skills. Those children are suffering from insecurities, confusion, trust issues and cannot make relationship with others. Often, those children are carrying traumatic experiences with them and may also suffering from many mental health issues like depression, anxiety disorders, phobia or fear. So, it is the duty of the parents to be self-reflective and give up the all the habits and activities related to abusing the children in order to ensure the holistic development of their children.


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