Is it Needed to be a Perfectionist? 5 Awesome Merits and Demerits of being a Perfectionist.

Needed to be a Perfectionist.

Is it Needed to be a Perfectionist?

Are you a perfectionist? Are you always searching for perfections in your works? Is it needed to be a Perfectionist? Perfectionists are the persons who are struggling to get perfections in all stuffs, they are always striving for flawlessness in everything and sometimes also set unrealistic goals or standards before themselves resulting in despair, hopelessness or depression. Yes, the perfectionists always try to do their works with hundred percent accuracy, they are dedicated to their stuffs and also the self-critics. And hence the quality of their work is always good though sometimes they cannot meet the deadlines due to their perfectionist attitude.

Most of the time they are suffering from anxiety, inferiority complex, self-doubts and other issues. So, should we try to be the extreme Perfectionist or just going with the flow?

Needed to be a Perfectionist? Merits of Perfectionists

Being perfectionist is one of the most important quality of people until it turns into OCD or the threatening one to do everyday chores. Many great people, great thinkers, inventors are the perfectionist and working for achieving the excellence in their fields, Some major merits of being a perfectionist are stated here.

High Quality Work

The perfectionists always set the high standards of work, they never compromise with the quality of their work and always represent the high standard activities with negligible chances of mistakes or faults. So they are the most wanted people in all field of work as they are offering quality product or services.

Good Organizational Skills

Is it needed to be a perfectionist? yes, to assure the high quality works we prefer the perfectionists. They have too good organizational skills associated with planning and proper implementation, so most of the organizations prefer the perfectionists in their family tree.

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Minimum Chances of Mistakes

As the perfectionists are dedicated towards their works and also the self-critics, there are no or minimum chances of mistakes in their deeds and that’s why they are most preferable in all types of works. People always rely on perfectionists for fault free works as they have the inner tendency to accomplish their works in the most perfect way as per their capacities.

Highly Motivated and Inspiring

The perfectionists are intrinsically motivated to fulfill their goals and aims, they are hardworking and striving for the excellence always. So they are motivating other people also to do their best in their works, inspiring others also to set high standards for themselves. So, is it needed to be a Perfectionist?

Self-Growth in all Fields

The perfectionists are dedicated, responsible, hardworking and having their own set high standards in their works. So they are the most deserving people in all fields and they are actually growing in their life in all fields- personal, social, professional. They urge for the high-quality works with less chances of mistakes and so they are continuously learning many skills and techniques and thus assuring their Growth as a whole.

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Demerits of Being a Perfectionist

It is not only good to be a perfectionist but also the most problematic characteristic of human being. You are needed to be a perfectionist to get high standard works but this attribute always puts on us so much pressure, tension and force that we become the victims of Anxiety Disorders, OCDs, Depression and also the personality disorders. Low self-esteem, self-doubt, inferiority complex, relationship issues are the most common problems among the perfectionists. Here the most commonly seen demerits of perfectionists are stated below.

Low Self-Confidence

Perfectionists always have high standards for their works and it is most of the time very hard to attain that standard. Failures to achieve excellence always lower their self-confidence and they have the tendency to doubt their abilities and capacities. So, it is not needed to be a perfectionist always, sometimes having self-confidence help us to attain success in our works.

Anxiety and Tension

Anxiety and tension are the companions of perfectionists as they set high standards for themselves and always want to do works with minimum or no error. To bring excellence in works, the perfectionists are always in tension, they check the things repeatedly, prefer the detailed working procedures and hence they are suffering from anxiety disorders including the panic attacks. So,, needed to be a perfectionist sometimes put immense pressures on us and we embrace anxiety, tension, phobia in our life.


Is it needed to be a Perfectionist always? it is asked to many people who welcome the depression in their life only for their own set high standards of works and their inability to achieve such excellence in their life. The imbalance between their achievements and their aims declares them as failures or underachievers and most of them cannot accept that failures and welcome depression in their life.

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Incompletion of Works

It is not needed to be a perfectionist always especially if you need to complete some works within limited time periods. The perfectionists often unable to complete their works in time due to their high level of expectations and the tendency to do the error free works. That’s why, they are unable to complete the works in time leading to incompletion of works or give up as the standard is not met.

Relationship Issues

Is it needed to be a perfectionist always? No, not in all cases, especially in making and maintaining relationships, the perfectionists are lacking behind as they want everything in a proper way and this is just impossible to maintain a relationship. The fault-finding tendency of the perfectionists always affect their relationships with friends, family members or partners and may create serious issues in many cases.

Words from

It is needed to be a perfectionist to bring excellence in works, to ensure error free (or minimum error) activities and also to run the high standards in organizations. But it is not needed to be a perfectionist always as the perfectionists don’t allow creativity or new features in their works and they are lacking behind in creative works. Sometimes the roughly finished activities are beneficial than the finest one.

Most of the perfectionists are suffering from anxiety, tension, phobia and depression only for the extra pressure for bringing excellence in works. So, through this perspective it is not always recommended or needed to be a Perfectionist as at the end the preferable one is “All is Well”. Is not it?


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