What is Math Anxiety? 5 Awesome Ways to Help Students to Overcome Math Anxiety.

Math Anxiety

Are you suffering from Math Anxiety?

Are you suffering from Math Anxiety? Do you see anyone having severe anxiety or phobia related to Mathematical Calculations? The Math Anxiety is the feeling of intense anxiety, tension and also fear to solve the mathematical problems or to do any mathematical calculations. Sometimes it is so severe that people feel panicked and cannot solve the simple problems of daily life. So many students from all levels elementary, secondary or higher secondary suffering from this Math Phobia which also badly affect their school grades.

Causes of Math Anxiety

There are so many causes related to this anxiety issue, some major issues are stated below so that we can help our children to overcome this phobia.

. Unpleasant Experience– It is seen that if any kind of unpleasant experiences like punishment, verbal abuse, feeling of Shame or Insult etc. are associated with the Mathematics, it will create severe Anxiety and Tension in later life in doing mathematical problems or sometimes only to think of mathematics.

. Lack of Clarity in Concepts- If the concepts of different domains of Mathematics are not cleared properly at early grades, then the students may feel anxiety and tension in doing mathematics as many complex and abstract concepts are not clear to them.

.Anxiety Disorders– The students who are suffering from stress issues, anxiety disorders may have greater chance to suffer from Math Anxiety.

. Parental Affect– In many cases the parents create anxiety and tension in children regarding mathematic. Often many parents level it as a complex subject and sometimes the parents transfer their math phobia towards their children.

. Dyscalculia- Sometimes students may face Math Anxiety due to their undiagnosed Dyscalculia. Dyscalculia is a learning disability in which people have difficulty in dealing with numbers, measuring quantities or doing calculations. But most of the persons suffering from Math Phobia don’t have Dyscalculia at all.

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Ways to Overcome Math Anxiety

It is not impossible to overcome Math Phobia or Anxiety but we need to practice some techniques and some methods to minimize this anxiety. Some effective methods are shared below to help our students to manage their math anxiety.

Relaxation Techniques

The students may practice some relaxation techniques to minimize their anxiety like Deep Breathing, Abdominal Breathing, Mindfulness Techniques, Muscle Relaxation etc. Whenever they will feel severe anxiety and tension including in doing mathematical calculations especially during the mathematics examination, they must start to practice those techniques.

Adding Pleasant Moments

In most of the cases the major reason of Math Anxiety is the unpleasant experiences associated with it. So, if we add pleasant experiences with mathematics slowly, there is the sure probability to reduce the acute anxiety and stress related with mathematics. Here the parents and teachers need to take initiatives to replace the unpleasant experiences with the pleasant experiences and make the students less anxious and scared of mathematics.

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Positive Self-Talk

Positive Self-Talk is really beneficial to boost up the confidence level of students and reduce their anxiety level to great extent. Help the children to learn to say positive words to them in the moments of anxiety and tension like, “Don’t worry, you can do it.” or ” You are very good at Mathematics, you are too clever.” etc. will really help them to overcome their Math Anxiety.

Parental Support

Parental support and guidance in the form of praise, appreciation, positive words, making study plan etc. are awesome ways to minimize the fear or anxiety related with mathematics. Parents should not put pressure on children for good score in mathematics or not to level the ‘Mathematics’ as the complex subject. They should always encourage their children for open communication, to share their issues of anxiety and stress and try together to resolve those issues.

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Proper Study Plan

A proper study plan for “Mathematics” with emphasis on more and more practices, mock tests etc. is also needed to overcome the Math Anxiety. Because repeated practice, mock tests etc. will help the students to take a control over the subjects and also on time management and these will help them to boost their self-confidence and thus to reduce the anxiety or phobia related with Mathematics.

Words from Wingsofwishes.in

Math Anxiety or Math Phobia is not an issue which is impossible to overcome, our students can overcome it easily if the parents, teachers and significant others help them to boost their confidence level, to face the anxiety triggers and also to use the relaxation techniques at the pick moments of the anxious situations. Is not it? What do you think?


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