Why Should We Reduce Cortisol Level in body? 7 Natural Ways to Reduce Cortisol Level.

Reduce Cortisol Level in Body

Reduce Cortisol Level in Body

Cortisol is the steroid hormone that help our body to respond to stressful situations, whenever we feel stress, anxiety the adrenal glands of our body release cortisol in order to respond to the stress. That’s why the cortisol is also known as the Stress Hormone as it regulates our stress level. To reduce cortisol level in body is necessary for us as the higher level of cortisol increases our blood pressure, blood sugar and affect our metabolism and also the immunity power. A certain amount of cortisol is needed for different purposes in our body like the immune response, metabolism, sleep cycle and others. But too much cortisol in our body is really harmful.

Why Should We Reduce Cortisol Level in Body?

Cortisol is the important secretory product in our body- being the primary stress hormone, it prepares our body to save ourselves from any kind of danger. The Flight or Fight Syndrome of our body is initiated by the cortisol and help us to survive. But sometimes we feel too much stress, tension or anxiety in our life and our cortisol level reach to its peak, then we may have high blood pressure, increased heart rate, elevated blood sugar level resulting in breathing difficulties, nausea, weakness, shaking of limbs and others.

Sometimes we may go through a panic attack or anxiety attack due to perceived stress situations only for the high cortisol level in our body. So, we should reduce cortisol level in body so that it is within the normal level as the high level always a threat to our body.

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Natural Ways to Reduce Cortisol Level in Body

Naturally we can reduce the cortisol level in body through lifestyle modification approaches, stress management techniques and selfcare activities. Some common natural approaches which are really effective are stated here.

Dietary Modification

To reduce the cortisol level in body, we should avoid the food rich in sugar and the junk food. All kinds of processed food should be replaced by whole grain food and fresh food and vegetables. Too many Carbohydrates and too much fatty food should be avoided. One should be careful to caffeine intake; caffeine always increases the cortisol level in body and that’s why it should be restricted after a certain amount.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise always helps us by reducing the cortisol level in our body as it enhances the secretion of Feel Good Chemicals in us like the Endorphins that are our body’s mood boosters and natural painkiller. A minimum 30-40 minutes’ walk or cycling is really beneficial to elevate our mood. But we should avoid the vigorous exercise i.e. too much exercise as it may make us tired, exhausted and our cortisol level will rise.

Spend Time with Nature

To reduce cortisol level in body, we should learn to spend time with nature, make a bond with nature. Spending time with nature always give us a feeling of happiness and satisfaction, sensation of cool and calmness and thus surely reduce cortisol level in body. Spending time with nature means you may watering the plants of your garden, take a short walk amidst of trees or sit for sometimes in a calm place amidst of nature like on the bank of a river or in a garden. Bonding with nature surely reduce cortisol in body and help you to manage your stress properly.

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Stress Management Techniques

It is beneficial to learn the stress management techniques like Deep Breathing, Muscle Relaxation Techniques, Mindfulness and others so that whenever we feel intense stress, anxiety in us we can practice those techniques and thus be able to reduce cortisol level in body. Here Yoga and meditation are also helpful. Humming, Reverse Counting of numbers, guided imagery etc. are also helpful to reduce cortisol level and manage stress.

Spending Time with Nature helps to reduce Cortisol level in body.
Spending Time with Nature helps to reduce Cortisol level in body.

Maintain a Regular Journal

Journalling is the way of talking with yourself as you are your best friend, it is the way of self-reflection. Maintaining the writing of Journal everyday help us to share our issues and difficulties in an open manner and often show us the path to identify the stressors of our body and help us to avoid those stressors so that we can reduce the cortisol level in body and thus manage our stress.

Talk with Your People

Talking about our issues, our difficulties with our true people- our family members, our friends often act as the ointment in our wounds. Sharing our issues with our friends often help us to manage our stress or our response to stress and thus reduce cortisol level in body. The people whom we trust can give us a sense of support and security in our issues and help us to overcome our problems.

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Adequate Sleep

Proper amount of sleep is needed to reduce the cortisol level in body, oversleeping or insomnia both release more cortisol in our body. The cortisol level in our body follows a pattern or circadian rhythm. Research shows that the lowest point of cortisol in our body is during midnight and highest point is in morning especially after 9 am. So, disturbance in sleep pattern adversely affects the level of cortisol in our body. Let us maintain a pattern of sleep to reduce the cortisol level and lead a stress-free life.

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Listening to soothing music, going for a short vacation, engaging yourself in your favorite activities etc. are also beneficial to reduce cortisol level in body and help us to manage stress. In extreme cases the professional help should be taken for management of stress and anxiety and thus to reduce cortisol level in body.


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