Infatuation Vs Love. Teenagers must Know the 5 Basic Differences between Infatuation and Love

Infatuation Vs love

Infatuation Vs Love

You are in Love or Infatuation? Do you know about the infatuation? Is Infatuation a relationship? It’s really hard to differentiate between the infatuation and love even for the adult people. So, it’s just impossible for the teenagers to differentiate between these two phenomena- Infatuation Vs Love. Infatuation often represents itself as a strong relationship where two people are madly in love with each other, cannot live without each other. Actually, people are obsessed for each other in infatuation from the beginning of relationship, but people don’t feel that madness, craziness from the beginning of a relationship in love. In love people have admiration for each other at beginning and later it turns into attachment, dependency, feeling bonded and others.

What is Infatuation?

Infatuation is intense feeling for someone within a short period- it is generally known as the Crush and teenagers often use this word. All people have crush in their young age, may be on classmates, celebrity or even on imaginary people and it disappears after a period. Infatuation is the intense admiration for someone for a brief period and the admiration is based on physical attraction. It happens instantly and also goes quickly but it’s intensity is too high in this short period. Sometimes infatuations may lead to Love but it’s the rare condition, so it is very necessary for the teenagers to know about Infatuation Vs Love.

What do We Mean by Love?

It’s really hard to define love- it’s the eternal feeling, it is based on reality respecting the individual differences of others and forming a strong bond with the partner. It is a deeper feeling and not only influenced by fantasy but the strong emotional bond. It is not disappearing after a short period – it increases and people start to trust each other. Carrol explains that in love people experiences “True individuation and Self-discovery.” The general stages of Love are Attraction, Admiration, Commitment, Embracing Differences and Ready to Sacrifice. Those stages really can explain the phenomena Infatuation Vs Love.

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Why Teenagers Need to Know about Infatuation Vs Love?

Often the teenagers are so engaged in their new relationship that they forget about their study, career or even the reality of life. Sometimes, they may enter into close physical relationship and may suffer many problems including the unexpected pregnancy. If one of the partners lose interest from a relationship and wants to move on, other partner may not take it easily and may have the issues of depression, social isolation or even try to commit suicide. So, it is most important for the teenagers to know about Infatuation Vs Love and easily distinguish those two phenomena and save themselves from being used or exploited.

Infatuation Vs Love – Basic Differences

It’s really confusing to differentiate between Infatuation and Love but there are many differences which are really effective to comprehend Infatuation Vs Love. If the teenagers are familiar with the differences, they can easily identify that their relationship is the infatuation or the love. The teenagers can thus manage their intense feelings or madness towards someone and can take time to come to any final decisions and thus can protect themselves, their career from being damaged or exploited. Here some basic differences between Infatuation and love are shared to help the people especially the teenagers to know the true nature of their relationships.

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Temporary Vs Long-Lasting

Though the infatuation is intense but it is temporary, it fades as the time passes generally. But the love is long-lasting than the infatuation, it becomes stronger as the time passed, and a strong bond is formed between two people. Sometimes the infatuation also turns into love but it is not common issue. Madness in relationship for a short period of time is the characteristic feature of Infatuation.

Physical Attraction Vs Physical and Emotional Attraction

In Infatuation Vs Love, the physical attraction is the main basis of infatuation but the emotional attraction have the mastery in love associated with physical attraction. That’s why the infatuation evaporates easily as the physical attraction reduces. But the emotional connection is established strongly in love as the relationship becomes older.

Fantasy Vs Reality

Fantasy is the most common characteristic feature of infatuation, the relationship based on fantasy is living in the world of Fantasy and thus it is away from reality and makes the people to lose their individual identity and the reality of surroundings. The love is based on reality of life and make the people ready to face the challenges of life.

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Mistrust Vs Trust

Infatuation Vs Love can be explained easily by it’s nature- Mistrust Vs Trust. In infatuation people always have the issues of doubt, confusion, inferiority feelings etc. because no bond of trust is formed in this intense temporary relationship. But the mutual trust is the core value of love, two people who are in truly in love trust each other and make a strong emotional bond.

Selfish Vs Selfless

The phenomenon Infatuation Vs Love is truly identified by its nature of selfishness and selflessness. In Infatuation, people are very selfish to satisfy their desires, their goals and are jealous of each other. Their own personal needs are in first place to them and have conflicts with partner if their personal need are not satisfied. But the Love is truly selfless, here you are happy and proud in the success of your partner, always your partner’s needs are more important to you than yours. You are not calculating your profits in a relationship if you are truly in love.

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Infatuation is common to all; it is very normal for the teenagers to feel attraction to someone or even the crazy feelings for somebody. But they should be careful about themselves from being trapped into any danger due to engagement in any relationship or in occurring loss to their study, career or other future plans only for the intense temporary feeling of Infatuation. The teenagers should take time to reflect in their relationship and to identify it whether the true love or infatuation only. Actually, this is not the proper time to think about any significant relationship with anyone but if teenagers have, they should try to distinguish between Infatuation and Love.


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