Are You Going to Label a Child? 5 Unintentional Ways Used by Parents to Label a Child.

Are you going to Label a Child?

Are you going to Label a Child?

Do you put some tags to your child? Are you going to put some labels on your child? Yes, I know that you may be angry on me or surprised that I am asking you whether you are going to label your child. But the fact is that we, the parents are unknowingly labeling our children and make a huge impact on their personality, attitudes and other characteristics.

For example, often the parents are telling that my son is too weak to play, or my daughter is too shy in nature. Also, the parents may say that my child is intelligent but restless or sometimes may call their children by the names based on their skin color, height or other physical features. Here the words Shy, Weak, Restless, Intelligent etc. are some words unknowingly used by parents to Label a Child

Why the Parents Should not Label a Child ?

By Labeling a child means that we are going to put some labels or tags to our children which are not appropriate to them or their characteristics. For example, sometimes the parents label their child as Talkative or Shy or Naughty or Smart or Introvert etc. and sometimes also given their name based on their physical attributes like “Browny Boy’ for Dark Complexion or skin color. Those types of tags or labels actually affect the children too badly -the children lose their self-confidence, self-esteem and many children have developed Inferiority Complex or Insecurity Issues.

By listening those words of labeling or tagging make the children to believe that they are just as the Levels as their parents described. Thus, it is too harmful to Label a Child as it slows down the psychosocial development of children.

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Ways to Label a Child

Generally, the parents unknowingly give some tags to children or label them with some special features or characteristics. Out of too affection, too love, too care the parents often label their children and start to put some limits on the process of growth. Some commonly used unintentional ways of parents to label a child are mentioned here.

To Protect the Child

Some parents are obsessed with their kids and out of too much obsession, love and care they want to protect the child from any kind of threats and challenges. So, to keep the children away from the challenging situations, the parents often label them as Weak, Shy, Younger or Fearful etc. Those type of labels or tags may make the personality of the children like the labels and they grow up as those tags.

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To Compare with Other

It’s the most unintentional ways used by parents to label a child, often the parents compare their children with other children and label them as Stupid, not Intelligent, Rubbish or Donkey. Each child is unique in their own ways, no one can compare one child with other. But the parents are avoiding the reality and comparing their children with others and giving them many labels like ” Good for Nothing, Idle, weak in study, irresponsible, undisciplined etc.

As Jokes or Humor

Many parents unknowingly Label a Child as the part of jokes or humor with the child or other family members- for example to call a child with dark skin tones as ” Browny or kali or kalla” or a thin boy as ” Patlu” or the fatty child as ‘Matu’ etc. severely affect the mental state of children as such labels only give them the feelings of insecurity, inferiority complex or low self confidence.

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To Fulfill High Expectations

To Label a Child with many tags like less intelligent, dull, brain filled with cow dung, brainless, foolish, dumb are done by parents when the children are not able to fulfill the too high expectations of parents. Surprisingly, the parents forget that their children are different from them- they have different abilities, intelligence and also different expectations and dreams. It’s really unfair to label a child with some witty or crazy or insulting tags.

To Fit in the Frame

Often the parents push children or force children to fit into some frame works made by society or to behave in socially accepted ways. If the children cannot fit into those frames or behave in certain way, then the parents label a child as Shy or Energetic or Introvert or Extrovert or as the Raveling child etc. Those types of tags or labels actually affect the characteristics or personality of children to a great extent.

Words from

To Label a child with any kind of tags or label is too harmful for holistic growth and development of children as those labels only limit their ways to come out of their nest and explore the world. So the parents should learn not to label a child with any tags or labels – only to help them to bloom to their full potential.


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