Do the Parents Show kids that They Love them? 5 Effective Ways of Showing Love to Kids.

showing Love to Kids

Ways of Showing Love to Kids

Do you love your kids? the most stupid question asked to parents. Is not it? All the parents love their kids more than anything else but often the kids feel that their parents are not loving them, not taking care of them. Because we, the parents, are not expressing our love and care towards our children- not showing love to kids especially the growing kids that the teenagers. To give assurance to our kids- to give them a feeling of having their parents as support system, the patents should make ways of showing love to kids.

Why Showing Love to Kids is Important?

Showing Love to kids is important because it gives them a sense of belongingness- a sense of attachment to parents also make the children confident and happy. It is seen that kids from a loving family who show love and care towards their children are more happy, well-mannered and positive than the kids who are from the dysfunctional families. If the parents express their love and care to kids through their words, actions or gestures, the kids feel a sense of deep attachment with parents- a sense of fulfillment and happiness in them and this happiness and fulfillment is essential to ensure the maximum growth of children.

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Ways of Showing Love to Kids

There are so many ways for the parents to express the love and care towards their children like through words or actions or even through the eye-contact. Some common ways of showing affection and care to children are stated here.

Talk Nicely with Kids

Often the parents forget to behave properly with their kids due to their busy schedule of life or others. The parents often command the children to follow the orders or force them to obey their orders. And this forceful action to obey the parents often make the kids unhappy and they also behave badly with their parents. Here by talking nicely with them and requesting them for some works etc. always reflects the affection and care of parents towards the kids and make them happy and fulfilled.

Give Hugs to Kids

Giving hugs is the most beautiful way to showing love to kids- parent should hug their kids to give them the warmth of belongingness, affection and care and it is always effective to make a strong bond between parents and children. If your little girl is in very bad mood – sad or angry, you just go to her and give her a hug, immediately your little princess will start to laugh by getting the love and affection from you in the form of hugs.

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Avoid Physical Punishment

The parent should strictly avoid giving punishment to children- any kind of punishment whether physical or mental should be prohibited. If the parent beat their kids or do spanking or scolding severely, the kids will feel neglected, abandoned and they may think that their parents are not loving them. To showing love to kids parents must avoid any kind of punishment to them as punishment only take the children away from the parents.

Be a Comfort Zone to Them

The parents should behave with kids in such a way that they feel that their parents are always with them in their ups and downs. Here it is not told that the parents should always support their children in their all works whether good or bad, it is told that the parents should always guide their kids in all walks of life and teach them the lessons of life. The parents should be a comfort zone to children so that the children can share their feelings and discuss about their actions with them and thus the parents can be able to showing love to kids.

Praise the Kids for the Good Deeds

Praise the kids for their good deeds- praising children for their good activities, good actions is the excellent way to showing love to kids. Getting praise, encouragement from parents act as the booster to do better in future, behave in proper way and overwhelmed the kids with feelings of love, affection and care from the parents and make a strong bond with the parents.

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Parents love their kids- they live for their kids, they are scolding their kids, strictly behaving with them because they want that their children can attain maximum growth in life. But the kids are too young to understand the intention of their parents and they often think that their parents are not loving them. So, sometimes it is needed for the parents to showing love to kids by spending time together or by words, actions or gestures and make a stronger bond between themselves.

Dear parents, can you say how many times you give Hug to your little Princess? How many times you take your Teens to your Lap? Do you ever Cry or Laugh with your kids?


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