Happiness is a Choice. 12 Simple Ways to Be Happy in Life.

Happiness is a Choice.

Happiness is a Choice

Happiness is the ultimate findings of Life- all over the universe the efforts are made in search of happiness. Is not it? But actually the Happiness is a Choice, it’s depends upon you- whether you want to be Happy or not. You may be not agree with me but it is the proven fact. You will see the most beautiful smile and pure happiness among those people who even don’t have full meal in two times a day but they choose to smile.

On the other hand, sitting in the air-conditioned room and getting the most expensive food, you may need to go to counselor in search of happiness- in search of your true smile. That’s why one can say that Happiness is a Choice – something to choose from the given circumstances of life.

Happiness Comes from Within You

Happiness cannot be found outside- it is from within you. If you are not feeling happy, then the fine jokes or precious gifts or outing cannot make you happy. But, if you have happiness within you- you will find all things surrounding you radiating happiness. If you want to feel the sorrow, to bear the pain of life within you, none can make you happy. That’s why it is told that Happiness is a choice.

Positive Mindset is Must

The positive mindset is mandatory for choosing the path of happiness, if you are positive in your attitude, behavior or thinking- you will surely choose to be Happy in all circumstances. The problems, difficulties will surely come to your life, but the positive mindset will obviously help you to face the challenges of life and to prefer Happiness over the sorrow and difficulties of life.

Happiness depends upon ourselves.” Aristotle

Engage Yourself in Those Activities that Give You Happiness

You should engage yourself in those activities that give you joy, happiness- that relax your mind- the activities which are your passion, your area of interests. Those may be related to your hobbies like gardening, baking cakes, painting, reading books or doing charity works or simply travelling. Engagement in those activities increase the secretion of Happy Hormone Serotonin in our body and we will feel Happy- feel Fulfilled.

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Connect with Your Loved Ones

It is the proven fact that if we have connections with our loved ones – our family members, our friends, our partners, we will develop a sense of fulfillment and happiness within us. Communication with our parents, partners or friends always help to reduce our tension and anxiety, give us support in our need and make us stronger. A strong mindset is always positive and it will always admit the fact that Happiness is a Choice.

Good Relationship always gives us Happiness.
Good Relationship always Gives us Happiness.

Don’t Compare Yourself with Others

If you really want to be Happy in your life, never compare yourself with others as comparison always gives us the feeling of inadequacies in our life. To prefer other people’s things than us is our human nature and comparison of yourselves with only create a sense of Inferiority Complex in you. Then you will jealous, inadequate in your life and cannot feel the Joy of life- the Happiness. Actually, the journey, achievements, failures of everyone’s life is different including you, so never compare yourself with others and choose to be Happy as you are because the Happiness is a Choice.

Limit Your Expectations from Others

It’s the expectations from others that make you sad, unhappy because it is just impossible for others to fulfill our expectations. How can others be able to know that what we expect from them? or why other people will try to satisfy us? Is not it? Yes, we can expect little bit from our loved ones- our own people but never from others. Often, we expect too much from others but never get from them and we feel sadness, unhappiness. So, if you think that you will embrace Happiness in life and agree with the fact that Happiness is a Choice, then cut down your expectations from others.

Avoid the Situations or People that Make you Unhappy

To choose Happiness over the Sadness or despair sometimes we need to avoid some situations or some people because we are agree with the fact that Happiness is a Choice. There are so many negative people in our surroundings- so many people who prefer to live in the world of despair and hopelessness and they will always give you the negative vibes, they will teach you to give more focus on shortage of life and to be sad, depressed in life.

You should avoid those people if you really want to be Happy, if you really think that happiness is a choice to adopt-a way to live. Similarly, there are some situations in life where you should not enter if you value your happiness – if you are agreeing that Happiness is a Choice to make Heven in life.

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Take a Proper Diet

To be Happy in life, to internalize that Happiness is a Choice, you should learn to take care of yourself- make yourself healthy and fit and face the challenges of life. You should take a balanced diet, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and must avoid too much fatty foods and junk foods. It is told that certain food like Banana, Avocados, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Spinach, Yogurt, Dark Chocolate etc. can give us the feeling of Feel Good by enhancing the secretion of some hormones in our body like the happy hormone Serotonin and also by decreasing the level of stress hormones. We should also take adequate amount of water everyday.

Balanced Diet can make us healthy and Happy
Fresh fruits and vegetables like Avocado, Banana, Spinach, Tomato boost our Mood.

Take Enough Sleep

A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for everything.’ Irish Proverb. In a study it is found that insufficient sleep is associated with lower happiness in healthy adults. But most of the people are in lack of good sleep- they cannot sleep for 6-8 hours and the quality of sleep is also not good. Lack of enough sleep disturbs our mood and make us irritable, short tempered and we cannot find happiness in life. If we are agreeing that Happiness is a Choice, we should make a good sleep routine for us as healthy sleep can enhance our wellbeing.

Take Regular Physical Exercise

Regular physical exercise helps to decrease the level of Stress hormones in our body and increase the secretion of Feel Good Hormones like serotonin. That’s why after doing exercise we feel good, feel fresh. But, it is not possible for all to do formal physical exercise everyday by by attending a Jim or going to a field. In that cases, we can do free hand exercises at home or can choose the morning walk. Walking every morning by exploring new roads, nature, people will surely give you a feeling of goodness, contentment and you can be able to say yourself that Happiness is a Choice.

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Practicing Meditation and Yoga

Practicing Meditation and Yoga are the ultimate ways to feel the Happiness within you- to liberate ourselves from all kinds of narrow feeling within us and feel the divine Happiness. Yoga not only strengthen our body but also enhance our concentration, focus- reduce our anxiety and fatigue and gives us the feeling of Happiness. According to studies, meditation is one such technique that can help change the brain for better and promote feelings of wellness, satisfaction and happiness in general.

Spend Time with Yourself

To internalize the reality that Happiness is a Choice, we should spend time with ourselves- do self-reflection, try to know our inner core with all of its good and bad, try to rejuvenate ourselves. Just spending time with yourself in the name of relaxation can also gives you happiness in mind. Spending time with ourselves is actually providing the rest and nourishment to our mind and make our mind stronger to choose happiness to be happy because the Happiness is a choice.

Words from Wingsofwishes.in

Happiness is a habit- a mindset- a choice to choose. Please try to make your mind to choose happiness and feel the beauty, the joy of life. Yes, initially it will be difficult but gradually our mind will be trained to choose Happiness over the Sadness.‘ Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.’ Mahatma Gandhi


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