How to Recognize the Signs of Emotional Abuse? 10 Common Signs of Emotional Abuse.

Know the Signs of Emotional Abuse

Know the Signs of Emotional Abuse

Emotional Abuse is the form of Psychological Abuse that is used to insult, demean or hurt one person by another people- it is also used to control, isolate or frighten that person. Emotional abuse always create anxiety, tension, depression in those people and sometimes lead them into psychological trauma. It is very important to know the signs of emotional abuse so that we can make ourselves aware of those and protect ourselves from further humiliation. Emotional abuse is not only seen at home or in close relationship but also in workplaces, schools and colleges also.

Emotional Abuse is just as bad as physical abuse. Worse: You can heal broken bones; you can’t heal a broken mind.” Día Reeves

Common Forms of Emotional Abuse

Emotional Blackmail, bullying, gaslighting, manipulation, verbal abuse, withholding etc. are the common forms of emotional abuse. Generally, three common pattern of abusive behavior is seen-


Denying and


Blaming, making Guilt, Shaming, Emotional withdrawal etc. are also some forms of emotional abuse. The manipulation of people’s emotion is also a type of emotional abuse and also refusing to communicate or refusing to listen. Any kind of behavior that create anxiety, stress, fear, depression or may the psychological trauma are the forms of emotional abuse.

Common Signs of Emotional Abuse

There are some signs of emotional threat or emotional pressure which we may neglect or ignore initially and later it increases and increases and take the form of Emotional Abuse. The most common signs of emotional abuse are stated here-:

Constant Criticism

If you are criticized constantly in a relationship may be by your partner or husband\wife or sometimes by parents, then you are actually abused emotionally. Constant criticism not only lower your self-esteem or self-confidence but also you will start doubting yourself and lose your believe in yourself. So, constant criticism is one of the major signs of emotional abuse.

Try to Insult You

If someone is always trying to insult you without any reason or for a very little thing, then you are suffering the emotional abuse. Your true people will never try to insult you – they will always try to support your or help you to rectify mistakes. Insulting a person in front of others specially is also one of the signs of emotional abuse.

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Always Blame You

It is also one of the major signs of emotional abuse as continuous blaming will surely give you the guilt feeling and you will lose your self-confidence and self-respect. You will be always in fear that whether you will commit any mistake or you will do something wrong. You will start to live a life dependent on others and also in fear.


Gaslighting is the way of specific psychological manipulation where the manipulator may insist you to question your reality, your experience and sometimes also your values and your perceptions. Sometimes in relationship people don’t want to listen to you by saying that you are crazy or your opinion is a crazy decision- this may be a type of gaslighting. Often your partner may address you by saying that those things are out of your capacity and thus may lead you to self-doubt. Thus, gaslighting is one of the major signs of emotional abuse.

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Giving Threats

Always people use the threats to force other people to accept their decisions or abide by their commands and thus make the other person emotionally abused. Emotional threats are perceived as the triggers on one’s self-esteem and make him\her nervous, ashamed and withdrawn. For example, if you do not attend today’s birthday party at my boss’s house, it will be my insult but you don’t care about me, I know that or if you really care for me, you must do this work. All these types of threats are actually the prominent signs of emotional abuse.

Emotional Threats are also the signs of emotional abuse.
Emotional Threats are also the signs of Emotional Abuse

Emotional Blackmail

When an individual harasses the other one or make other one afraid by using extreme emotional threat or wants to exploit other individual by defaming him\her or by destroying his\her reputation or threatens to expose some weak moments or negative of that person or just humiliating you, these are the instances of emotional blackmail. Emotional blackmailers often demand huge amount of money or force you do work asper their wish. Thus, it is one of the most threating signs of emotional abuse.

Yelling or Screaming

Often your partner or husband or wife starts to yell at you, scream at you without any reason or if something is happened against their wishes. This type of yelling, screaming or other verbal abuse are the common signs of emotional abuse which we always ignore at its initial stage and it increases exponentially and causes serious relationship problems. Verbal abuse is not only present in our families but also in our workplace in its severe form.

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Constant Spying

Sometimes in relationship the partners or husband\wife or any other person start to Spy on you continuously- what you are doing, where are you going, to whom you are meeting etc. and thus you are not getting your space in relationship and also you are losing your freedom as a human. So, constant spying is also one of the major signs of emotional abuse.

Isolating You from Others

Isolating you from other people, forcing you to stay alone or not connecting with others etc. are also the severe forms of emotional abuse that can make you a victim of mental health disorder. Sometimes one family member force other member not to contact with other people – they prefer to stay alone and thus they are isolating one individual and abusing him\her severely. Often, we face to be isolated from others in workplace also.

Use of Silence

It is one of the most severe signs of emotional abuse that make people feel lonely, withdrawn and neglected. Often, the Silence treatment is given to people to force them to listen to the words of others or to be agreed to any decisions. It is the most severe type of emotional abuse as the individuals feel emotionally disturbed, anxious, neglected or lost and also suffers from acute depression. We should never use the Silence to make people to listen to our words.

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Emotional Abuse is the silent killer-the most severe type of abuse which are increasing rapidly throughout the society. Only our awareness and effort to identify the signs of emotional abuse and the mindset and courage to fight against these can help us to minimize the prevalence of emotional abuse in society.


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