How the Parents can Build Healthy Relationship with the Teenager in2023? Know 10 Precious ways.

 parents to Build Healthy Relationship with the Teenagers.

Build Healthy Relationship with your Teenager Child.

It is now a challenge in our modern world for the parents to build healthy relationship with their teenagers- to make a strong bond between the parents and the teenagers and help their teenager children to pass through the Transition Period of childhood to adulthood. The way of parenting in the childhood of children and in adolescence phase is completely different as the teenagers need more attention, care and support from their parents and also they need autonomy, some space and respect from their parents. So, in 2023, the parents should also invest their time and energy to make healthy relationship with teenagers and make their journey of parenting a happy one.

10 Precious Ways to make Healthy Relationship with Teenagers.

Here some interesting ways are shared for the parents to make strong bond, healthy relationship with their teenagers and enjoy the precious journey of parenting.

1. Always Keep the Doors of Communication Open.

Communication is the ultimate way to build healthy relationship with teenagers but it is really tough to maintain regular communication with them as the period of teenage is the phase of too much emotional growth, autonomy and in search of their new identity. A lot of changes in attitudes, habits, behavior and mindset is seen among teenagers and sometimes it is very hard for the parents to agree with their opinions. But, whatever may be the circumstances, the parents should always keep the doors of communication open, they should try to make a bond with their teenage children so that the teenagers can easily express their views, feelings, opinions and even their problems or difficulties. If the communication between the parents and teenagers is healthy, they will surely share a healthy relationship.

Always keep the Doors of Communication Open with your Teenagers.

2.Be Strict but Flexible.

As the parents we have to strict towards our teenagers to take them to the right direction, to protect them from the dangers of society like Drug Abuse, addiction in online game or others. Sometimes, our children cannot understand the consequences of their actions and may commit mistakes. So, we as the parents have to be strict towards them but the parents should be flexible also in their decision. For example, you as a parent is not allowing your teenager boy to attend the birthday parties of his friends at night due to hamper in studies or other reason. Here you may give him permission to attend birthday party of his best friends otherwise he may tell lie to you to attend that birthday party of his best friend. So, you as a parent should be Strict but Flexible to build healthy relationship with teenagers.

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3.Take Interest in Their Areas of Interests.

To build healthy relationship with teenagers, the parents should take interest in the areas of interest of their teenagers so that they can accept their parents as on the same plane as they are. For example, your child is fond of cricket, so you can enjoy a cricket match with your child or your teenage girl is just in love with the instrumental music, so you and your teenage girl can watch a musical concert together. You can also learn from them many concepts relating to the use of your mobile phone or laptop, both of you can together enjoy a latest movie in your laptop. Thus showing interest in the interest areas of teenagers will surely strengthen the healthy relationship with teenagers.

Parents should take Interest in the area of Interest of Teenagers.

4. Be Honest and Open.

Always be honest and open to your teenagers even you commit any kind of mistakes always accept this. Being honest and open to your teenagers will always make healthy relationship with them and they will surely respect you for your honesty and openness. Moreover, they will also try to be honest and open to you as always the children follow their parents and they will surely share if they did any kind of mess knowingly or unknowingly.

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5. Be a Good Listener- Learn to Listen.

To make healthy relationship with teenagers, it is very important for the parents to be a good listener- the parents should listen carefully to their teenagers- the feelings, the opinions, the aims, the goals, the dreams and even the mistakes of their teenager children. By active listening to the teenagers, the parents will be able to know in detail about the feelings, wishes, desires, goals and dream of the teenagers and can help their children to pursue their dreams. Moreover, the teenagers will also understand that our parents are careful to us, they are trying to help us and they value our views and opinions. The teenagers will then also feel free to share their views, feelings and difficulties to their parents as their parents are listening actively to them.

Be a Good Listener to your Children.

6. Don’t Criticize your Teenagers in Front of People.

Never criticize your teenagers in front of people, if they do any kind of mess or any mistake- then later show them their faults and help them to rectify their mistakes. But you should never scold them or criticize them in front of people as now your children have also self-respect, they will take it as a way of insult if you criticize them in front of others. And this type of incident will create distance between your relationship with your teenagers. So, to build healthy relationship with teenagers- the parents should never criticize them in front of other people.

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7. Give them a Role in Family Matters.

To build healthy relationship with teenagers, it is very important to involve them in family matters, value their opinions and give them a significant role in family. For example, the parents can discuss with their teenager child about the budget of a month and ask their suggestion on saving expenses. This type of responsibility and involvement will surely make them more disciplined, responsible and surely strengthen the bond between the parents and teenagers.

Value the Opinion of the Teenagers.

8. Say Words of Affirmations to Them.

The Parents rarely use the words of affirmations to their children, but it means a lot to the children getting affirmations from their parents especially when the teenagers are in crisis. Words of affirmations from parents help the teenagers to clarify their self-doubts, to boost up their self-confidence and also overcome a crisis in their life. For example, only by saying ” You can do this- you are powerful” or ” It’s ok to be low for sometimes but you are strong and talented- you can conquer all” etc., the parents can motivate their children to fight the battles of life and can build a strong and healthy relationship with teenagers.

9. Be Friendly with them But Put your Boundary.

Now the modern style of parenting suggests to be “Friendly” with the children to make a good bond with them. Yes, the parents should behave with their children in a friendly way so that the children can share their feelings, opinions, expectations or difficulties to them easily. But the parents should also maintain a boundary with their relationship with the children especially with teenagers because only be being friendly to them, you cannot teach them the lessons of life- cannot be strict to them in need or cannot internalize the moral values within them. For example, you behave with your teenage son like a close friend but it does not mean that you will allow him to play the online games hours after hours as he likes it. Here being friendly is not enough, here you have to be strict to control him in being addicted to playing online games. So, to build healthy relationship with teenagers be Friendly with them but never forget to put your Boundary as a parent.

Be Friendly with your Teenagers.

10. Don’t Give Up on them.

Teenage is the most complex period of life where the teenagers face a lot of physical and psychological changes within them. This is the journey of being an Adult from a child but they are not completely mature as the adults. So, often they do many mistakes and take wrong decisions in their life and send them in a vulnerable phase. At that time, the parents are the only shelter to them to save them from the further spoilage and help them to bring them back in their own track. So, the parents should never Give Up on them for their wrong decisions or big mistakes but can help them to overcome this critical phase by giving support, care, affection and advice. Thus, the parents can build a healthy relationship with teenagers by giving them support, care, courage and guidance to overcome the critical periods of their life.

I know that she is a lazy girl, she always tells lie. She is very irresponsible- doing late-night parties and skip classes in school. But I am her Mother, I will bring her in the track. Yes, it’s tough to bring her but not impossible, isn’t it? Should I Give Up on her? If I, then who will look after her? Iam her mother- I cannot give up on her.

Now, in 2023, in this modern world it is a challenge for the parents to make a good bond with our children especially with our teenagers as they have many complex issues with the advance of science and technology- with the easy access to internet and mobile\laptop. Is not it? So, it is now more and more important to build healthy relationship with teenagers so that we can guide then to choose the right way, help them to take good decisions and support them to fulfill their dreams.

. FAQ’S-: 1. What are the elements of good relationship with teenagers?

Ans: – Good communication, openness, friendly attitude, growing common interest areas, honesty, involvement etc. are some common elements of relationship.

2. Should be the parents always be friendly with their Teenagers?

Ans: Parents should be friendly with their teenagers but they should also put a boundary in between their relationships i.e. to put some limits.

3. How the Parents should behave with the teenagers if the teen commit mistakes?

Ans:- Then the parents should not only scold them or criticize them but also help them to understand their faults, accept their mistakes and also help them to rectify their mistakes and do not repeat it in future.

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