How Can We Remove the Mental Blocks from Our Mind? 7 Easy Ways to Follow.

Remove the Mental Blocks is an Art.

Remove the Mental Blocks Easily

Are you suffering from Mental Blocks? Do you want to remove the mental blocks from your mind? To remove the Mental Blocks one should go through the process of self-reflection and self-care and energize the mind. Simply the mental blocks refer to the inability to think clearly or easily recall some information. It is the barrier for processing some information from brain and also the barrier to some productive or creative work to do. It’s also the store house of our repressed memory or unwanted thoughts that often hinder our creativity or productivity.

Mental Blocks or Writer’s Blocks?

Mental blocks and writer’s blocks are often used simultaneously but the mental block has the big perspective to denote the inability to perform a mental action like thinking, reasoning, recalling, imagination or creativity. It may be due to our suppressed painful thoughts or memories or any other emotional tension. Mental blocks can be seen to any people but it is more common among the intellectual and creative people. To remove the mental blocks we should prioritize our self-care activities.

Writer’s Block also a type of mental block that hinders the creativity of writers- makes them unable to think and write for some days or hours. The writers having the mental blocks spend hours after hours with a blank space as they have the inability to thinking and imagination. Relaxation for some days, coping with the stress and also revisiting the works\writings always are beneficial to remove the mental blocks i.e. the writers’ blocks.

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Causes of Mental Blocks

There are many causes associated with mental blocks of a person. Among them some of the important reasons are as stated below-

. Suffering from excessive Stress, Tension or Phobia.

. Having Anxiety Disorders in severe form.

.Suffering from any kind of serious physical illness.

. Suffering from Depression or any other mental disorder.

. Excessive workload

. Having family problems or relationship issues

Moreover, unfavorable working environment, multitasking, not enjoying the work etc. also act as the causes of mental blocks.

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Easy Ways to Remove the Mental Blocks

In maximum time the mental blocks are temporary- some hours, some days only and we can also remove the mental blocks easily by the following ways.

Take a Break

It is most important way to minimize our mental blocks because too much work pressure, monotonous life schedule, tensions of daily life always make us stressed, exhausted and lost. Then we feel the inability to think properly, to focus properly or show creativity in our work. So taking a break from our hectic work schedule or monotonous lifestyle is really beneficial to remove the mental blocks. We can go for a short vacation or spending time with family or just giving time to our passion is the awesome way to break the mental blocks.

Positive Self-Talk

To remove the mental blocks, it is very essential to prioritize our selfcare and do the positive self-talk. Because we feel low, hopelessness and sad due to our mental blocks and it lowers down our self-confidence and self-esteem. Here the best remedy is our positive self-talk that can bring back our confidence and self-belief and this confidence and self-belief must remove the mental blocks to enhance our capacity level.

Do Journaling

Journaling is actually the documentation of our self with all of its attitudes, merits & demerits, doubts, imaginations, desires and dreams. Especially when we are in a crisis period or in a state of doubt, journaling helps to clear our doubt and gives the solutions of our problems. To remove the mental blocks the journaling act as the route map to start the journey of self-exploration.

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Learn New Skills

Often the learning of new skills help us to clear the traffic jam of our mind roads i.e. to remove the mental blocks. When we are learning a new thing, a new skill we are actually make our focus on those things, train our mind to learn new concepts and thus make ourselves free from the vacant state of mind. Learning new things like skills, languages or new ways of living rejuvenates us to overcome all our mental blocks and grow to our fullest potential.

Reading Books

Reading books especially the motivational books or the life stories of great people often help us to clear our confusions and doubts, to overcome our shortcomings and motivate us to do better in life. Reading good books actually act as a catalyst to enhance our creativity, critical thinking and imagination and thus help us to remove the mental blocks.

I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.” J.K. Rouling

Prioritize Self-Care

By prioritizing our self-care activities we can get the scope of spending time with yourself, do rational thinking and can reduce our stress, tension or anxiety of daily life. Thus we can rejuvenate ourselves to start a new phase in a more and more creative way and remove the mental blocks present in us. Here we can practice yoga and meditation to increase our attention span and focus. We can follow our passion to fill our heart with joy and excitement or simply we can start to believe in our abilities to conquer.

May Take Help

If we feel that we are really stuck in some situations of life that we can not overcome those we can surely take help from other people like our colleagues, friends, mentors, family members or any other whom we can trust. To remove the mental blocks it is very beneficial to talk with our own people, to share our feelings, issues with them as those people will surely give some piece of advice, support to overcome the situations and broaden our perspectives of thinking.

Words from

To feel mental blocks, feel inability to think clearly or sometimes facing problems to recall some information etc. are normal to all human beings. Due to the stress, anxiety and workload of daily life we feel the mental blocks often. But through our positive mindset, prioritizing self-care activities and taking breaks always help us to remove the mental blocks.


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