How to make Stress Free Exam Preparation? the (20-15) Day’s Guide-Plan.

Stress Free Exam Preparation is needed for students for getting Good Grades.
Stress-Free Exam Preparation is needed for Good Result.

Stress Free Exam are essential for the students for getting the good score as anxiety, stress, tension will always make them Nervous, Anxious, ill and they can not perform in the examination as per their preparation and expectations. All type of Examinations are knocking at the door- the final board exams of Secondary and Higher Secondary stages of all state boards, CBSE and ICSE; the Term-end exams of primary and upper-primary classes; the JEE-MAIN, NEET– all are coming one after another. So, the students are facing severe Stress, Tension and Anxiety, that’s why here some excellent Tips are shared to help the students to give Stress Free Exam.

1. Make a Roadmap\ Routine to Give Stress Free Exam.

When we are only one month or 20-15 days away from our examination, we need a Roadmap to follow-we need to make an effective routine for that short period. In this routine or roadmap, our focus will be mainly on covering all the core areas i.e. main topics of each subject and only make an outline of all those topics which we didn’t prepare. Because it is really very tough to learn new topics- new concepts just 20- 15 days before the examinations. So ,in our routine we shall put more importance on the topics which we already learnt and also which are important for the exam and we will put less focus on the less important topics.

Make a Routine for the Short Period to give Stress Free Exam.

2. Make Short “Key-Point” Notes to give Stress Free Exam.

These are only your Personalized Notes– you will make short KeyPoint notes for each important topic of each subject so that you can easily remember the answers in an organized way. You can use here different colored Marker pens or sketch pens to make your KeyPoint notes and make these visually attractive so that our brain, our memory can easily remember them because it is the proven fact that we respond to and process visual data, visual notes more effectively than any other data. A study proved the fact that,” In fact, the human Brain processes images 60000 times faster than Text.” So make your KeyPoint notes visually effective.

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3. Don’t Go through the Whole Vast Syllabus but Cover all Important Topics.

You may be surprised that what is stated here-‘ don’t go through the whole syllabus but the important topics’, what is it? when everyone are giving advice to read each and every topic in detail but here it is advised that focus more on important topics but not the whole syllabus. Actually, this is the true fact that it is just impossible to cover the whole syllabus of each subject just 30-20 days before examination and it will create only Stress, anxiety and tension among students and their performance will be hampered due to Exam Stress. So to give Stress Free Exam don’t go through the whole vast syllabus but through the all-important topics.

To Give Stress Free Exam try to cover all the Important Topics.

4. Give more Focus to Give Frequent Revision of your Learnt Topics.

To give Stress Free Exam, it is very important to give frequent revision of your already learnt topics- learnt concepts as revision make those topics, that concepts more and more clear to you, easier to you and then you will also be confident about your preparation and will be little bit Stress Free to give your examination. At that time don’t try to invest your time and energy to learn, to memorize the new and abstract topics as it will exert pressure and stress upon you.

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5. Take a Healthy Diet and Plenty of Water.

To attend the Stress Free Exam, it is mandatory to take a healthy diet and plenty of water. Though all the students are trying to keep themselves away from the stress, tension but the reality is that most of them will feel anxiety and stress regarding their exams and that is quite normal. So, all the students at that time should avoid fried food, too much oily and fatty food and take easily digestible food because due to anxiety and stress many students are suffering from indigestion, flatulence, abdominal pain etc. Green vegetables, protein-rich food and fresh fruits will be beneficial for them.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables should be taken by Students to give Stress Free Exam.

6. Take Adequate Sleep at Night to Give Stress Free Exam.

Proper sleep at night is recommended for the students to keep themselves tension free and to give Stress Free Exam. But it is not always possible for the students to take every day 8 hours sleep at night as they have to cover a vast syllabus and now the time is really too less to them to complete and revise their syllabus. So, minimum 5-6 hours sleep they should take at night and can take 15-20 minutes power nap to refresh themselves. They should avoid regular Late-Night study now to keep themselves healthy and stress free.

7. Talk with your Parents or Friends to Reduce your Stress.

When you are really in deep stress and tension regarding your examination, you can talk with your parents about your issues- can share with them about your difficulties to take your preparation. Sharing your issues to your parents or other family members will surely help you to reduce your stress level and your parents may suggest several ways which will help you to give Stress Free Exam. You may also share with your close friends about your stress and tension and may find together awesome ways to reduce stress and anxiety.

Talk with your Parents or Friends to Reduce your Stress.

8. Take 10 Minutes Break in Between 2 Hours Study.

Always take 10 minutes break in between 2 hours study, this is very beneficial not only to reduce stress but also to memorize facts, to internalize the concepts. Too long study hours will always bring boredom and tiredness in you and you will feel stressed and Burnout. So, it is advised to take10-15 minutes short break in between long hours of study to refresh yourself- to allow your brain to work at its fullest level. Moreover, our brain also needs some time to organize, process and store information. But, be careful don’t be engaged in any activities at that time which will distract you, like playing games in mobile or to start to watch a movie etc.

9. Practice Time-Management Strategies to Write Answers.

The most important planning you should do in this short period before your examination is the Time Management Strategies to write the answers of the questions and this will surely help you to give Stress Free Exam. First of all you divide the total time against all questions and estimate how much time is needed to write the answers of the questions, for example if there are 15 questions in a question paper and duration of the exam is 3 hours, then you will get approximate 15 minutes to answer each question. But, obviously you will need more time to write answers of long-type questions and descriptive questions than short-type and objective type questions.

Time Management Strategy will surely Help to Give Stress Free Exam.

10. Be Kind to Yourself Also- Praise yourself for Good Deeds.

To give Stress Free Exam, it is also important to make yourself Happy and Joyful. So be kind to yourself- take a chocolate break or ice-cream break or oneday eat a slice of Pizza. Sometimes you praise to yourself for achieving you day’s target or sometimes sleep little bit more. If you are confident about your preparation, you can watch a comedy show or cartoon like Tom and Jerry for sometimes or can take a evening walk to refresh yourself. All these kindness towards you actually reduce your tension and help you to give Stress Free Exam.

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Be Kind to yourself to Manage tension and Give Stress Free Exam.

Stress Free Exam is most important for all the students to show their performance in the examination, to get the score as per their expectations and preparation. May be you have studied well, take good preparation but you are very much stressed, nervous and anxious about your exam, then you cannot perform well in your exam paper- you will be confused about some answers in tension or you may choose wrong option due to your nervousness. In extreme cases, you may be ill just some days before your examination out of anxiety. So, it is very important for all the students to keep themselves away from anxiety or tension and give Stress Free Exam to achieve their goals.

.FAQ’S-:1) What are needed to give a Stress Free Exam? Ans- To give Stress Free Exam, the students need good preparation, well time management strategies and their self-confidence to excel.

2) Can anyone be physically ill due to stress and tension related to examination? Ans-: Yes, anybody can be physically sick due to stress, tension related to examination. They may feel nausea, flatulence, indigestion, headache or high pressure.

3)Can the parents help students to manage their Exam Stress ? Ans-: Obviously, the parents can help their students to manage stress by giving them courage, to take care of their diet and sleeping pattern, by talking with them and without putting any pressure on them for good results.

All the Best to all Students for their upcoming Examinations. Give Stress Free Exam and score your Best.

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