How to Manage Chronic Stress in Our Life? 5 Simple Ways to Manage Chronic Stress.

Learn Ways to Manage Chronic Stress

Learn to Manage Chronic Stress

Stress, anxiety, tension are the issues of our daily life- most of the people including the children are suffering from stress and anxiety. The number of people suffering from stress and tension are increasing day by day due to our lifestyle, busy schedule and may be the high expectations. According to a report of American Institute of Stress, it is stated that-

  • The global average of the number of stressed people out of 143 countries is 35%.
  • Nearly 190 million people experienced significantly higher stress in 2020 than in years past.
  • About one-third of people around the world reported feeling stressed, worried, and/or angry in 2019.
  • Now in the year of 2023 the number of people suffering from stress and tension are increasing day by day.
  • Though little bit stress is good for us but too much stress severely affects our mind and body, especially the chronic stress is the most damaging factor not only to our mental health but also for our physical health. So we need to learn to manage chronic stress to restore our mental health.

What is Chronic Stress?

Chronic Stress is the long-lasting stress which severely affects us- we feel stress in our life every day for sometimes and then we overcome it. But the chronic stress is the prolonged stress due to any internal or external stressors like financial problems, family issues, interpersonal stress, workplace stress or stress due to threat from outside etc. It severely affects our nervous system, endocrine system and also our circulatory system resulting in high blood pressure, high sugar, heart problems, insomnia and others. To manage chronic stress is essential for us because it may create memory loss and hamper our ability to think and process information.

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How to Manage Chronic Stress?

To keep ourselves healthy we should learn to manage chronic stress through lifestyle modifications, taking support from professionals and the adaptations to the surroundings. Some unique methods to manage chronic stress are depicted here so that we can beat the chronic stress.

Spending Time with Self

It is a need of our soul, our body to spend time with ourselves in order to do the self-reflection to identify our issues and concerns- our challenges and the triggers of our stress. Through self-reflection if we can identify the trigger points of our stress, we can be able to manage chronic stress in a better way and also learn to change our response towards those stressors. Positive self-talk, reading good books, journaling are proved as very effective to manage chronic stress.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Lifestyle modifications are always the effective ways to cope with the stress- through lifestyle modifications we can measure stress in a very effective way. Good Sleep. healthy diet and regular exercise are the medicines to manage chronic stress and anxiety.

. Sleep Routine- We should maintain a good sleep cycle- we should go to bed at the same time and wake up also in the same time every day including the weekend. We can practice Gratitude offer or meditation for some minutes before going to bed and obviously keep away the mobile phones or laptops minimum 15 minutes ago to get to a good sleep which is stress buster.

. Healthy Diet- To manage chronic stress we should take a healthy diet rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. Fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits should be in our daily diet. We should take plenty of water but must avoid junk foods.

.Exercise- Regular exercise is the most effective way to reduce our stress and anxiety as physical exercise increases the secretion of “Feel Good ” chemicals in our body like Endorphins and reduces the secretion of body cortisol or stress hormones and thus help us to make a balance between the stress and our daily activities.

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Express Stress through Creative Works

Sometimes we feel too stressed, exhausted but we can not identify the reasons of our stress and also we can not express our issues. Here the creative works or creative art forms are really beneficial to help you to manage chronic stress. Here you can draw something or paint to portray your mental status or can do creative writing to express yourselves. You should not be an expert to draw or write because you are expressing yourself only to you or your own people. Creating Music tones or lyrics or make a dramatic presentations also add great value and the good pieces you can share with people.

Express your stress to manage it.
Express your Stress to manage it.

Share your Issues with Someone you Trust

It is the most useful way to manage chronic stress, if you have some worthy people in your life who value ‘You”, you can share with them about your difficulties, issues and concerns. Expressing your problems, sharing your issues will always give you a feeling Light’- less in mind and may get the way to resolve your issues. If you don’t get anyone whom you can trust, you can share with yourself through journaling. In extreme cases you can take professional help from a counselor or psychiatrist.

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Learn Some Techniques of Stress Management

If we learn some techniques of stress management, it will be easier for us to manage chronic stress. We can practice Yoga and Meditation to manage stress. Deep Breathing are really beneficial to handle stress and also the music therapy. Every day we should try to spend some time in nature may be for 10 minutes only by taking care of plants in our houses or taking a small walk in nearby garden or park. The practice of offering Gratitude is also the great stress buster and also the Mindfulness Techniques. If we can learn the progressive muscle relaxation techniques then we are one step ahead to manage chronic stress.

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Chronic Stress is the silent killer- it slowly affects all systems of our body including the nervous system and our brain. To manage chronic stress, we should modify our lifestyle, identify our trigger points of stress and practice the yoga, meditation and other relaxation techniques to relax your mind and body. Above all, we need a positive mindset to overcome our all issues and difficulties and learn to manage our stress.


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