How to Minimize the Habit of Overthinking? 6 Awesome Tips to Follow.

Learn to minimize overthinking

Minimize the Habit of Overthinking

Are you a Overthinker? Do you have the habit of overthinking? I have, always I make the simple things more and more complex due to my overthinking. The habit of overthinking always prohibits us to live in the present moment as we are engaged in thinking of our future, the consequences of any event, the relationship of the present situation with any worst situation of past and thus make ourselves filled with worry, tension, confusion and anxiety. So, it’s always better to give up or minimize our habit of overthinking to feel the happiness and peace in life.

What is the Habit of Overthinking?

Overthinking is the habit of thinking about a topic or event excessively- thinking for a long period, thinking in loops, analyzing it and thinking about the worst outcomes of it and thus make the mind full of only doubts, anxiety, worry and fear of failure. Simply, overthinking is habit of thinking the repetitive thoughts which are unproductive in nature and keep yourself away from taking decisions or actions.

Consequences of the Habit of Overthinking

The habit of overthinking is actually the indicator of mental health illness like Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Phobia or Personality Disorder. It is commonly associated with GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) in which people have the tendency to worry excessively regarding several things and always experience nervousness, tension and anxiety. The major consequences are stated below-

. Overthinking is associated with disturbed mental health condition- it makes the people more and more Anxious and Nervous. The habit of Overthinking worsens the condition of People Having Anxiety Disorder, Depression, Eating Disorder or Phobia.

. The habit of overthinking makes the people confused and inactive as they are continuously thinking about a topic.

. Overthinking lowers the confidence level of people and also their self-esteem as they are always in doubt and nervous about their actions.

As the habit of overthinking make the people too much anxious, worried; it also affect their physical health. Too much tension and anxiety increases our Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar and Palpitations and sometimes we are also suffering from Headache, Insomnia and Digestion problems.

. Overthinking leads to distorted Cognitive Functioning and badly hamper our capacity to think and make decisions.

. The habit of overthinking fills our mind with doubts, confusions and fear and thus we may develop different kind of phobia in our mind.

So, looking at the consequences of overthinking, we should try to minimize this habit of overthinking and embrace the positivity and happiness.

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Try to Minimize the Habit of Overthinking

Ways to Minimize the Habit of Overthinking

It’s not so easy to stop overthinking but not impossible, we need to first make our mindset to change the habit and practice some innovative ways regularly to minimize this awful thinking process. Since the consequences of overthinking is too bad for most of the time, we should try to moderate our thinking process. Some useful ways to minimize our habit of overthinking are stated below.

Accept your Overthinking Habit

To change this overthinking attitude, we first need to acknowledge the fact that we are the overthinkers- we think excessively regarding any topic. Accepting the reality always help us to make our mindset to bring change in us. Here we should think about the harmful effects of overthinking upon our health and minimize it as much as possible.

Learn to Live in the Moment

Generally, we are in the process of overthinking if we think too much about future consequences or we stuck in the past. But living in the present moment always minimize our overthinking process and we should learn to live in the present moment. Here the Mindfulness techniques are really helpful to train our mind to live in the present.

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Do Journaling

Journaling is one of the most beneficial activities to minimize the habit of overthinking. While journaling we can write about our opinions, desires and also about our doubts and failures regarding any topic with analysis and later it help us to know the reasons behind overthinking. Knowing the causes always help us to minimize our habit of overthinking and journaling here also gives us a direction to go further.

Engage Yourself in your Passion or Hobbies

To minimize the habit of overthinking, it is recommended to engage ourselves in our favorite activities like our passion or hobbies as engagement in those activities always distract our mind from the topic of overthinking and also help us to live in the present moment. Painting, music, knitting, playing outside, reading books, walking amidst of nature etc. are some precious activities that can engage our mind for a long time and we stop to do overthinking in this period.

Make a Support Group

The support group i.e., the people to whom we can share our issues and can get help are really helpful to minimize the habit of overthinking. Our Parents, Grandparents, siblings, other family members, our friends etc. may be the part of the support group which reduce our feeling of anxiety, nervousness, loneliness, fear and also the anger due to the habit of overthinking.

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Positive Reframing

It is the technique of reframing the negative state of mind, negative attitudes, negative thinking into positive thinking or less negative thinking or mindset. It is seen that the positive reframing minimizes the habit of overthinking as we prefer here to choose positivity over negativity. For example, the statement ” It is not possible to complete the project work within the next 3 days.” can be replaced by the positive statement that ” It is almost possible to complete two third of the project work within the next 3 days, we need one day more to complete it fully.” This type of positive reframing here always helps us to minimize the habit of overthinking.

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The habit of overthinking is only pushing us into the world of anxiety, worry, tension, depression and other mental health issues but It also affects our physical health severely by raising our B.P, sugar level etc. So, it is really beneficial for us to reduce the habit of overthinking and feel the happiness and positivity in life. Though overthinking is affecting our physical and mental health, it sometimes is too blissful for the intellectuals and geniuses as they can find out/ sort many problems or invent many things- So, overthinking is a Blessing to them.


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