10 Major Problems of Adolescents And Their Solutions.

Adolescence is the period of transition from the Childhood to Adulthood, from a tiny sapling to a matured tree, from a dependent kid to a fully independent in thinking and decision making adult. So this path is full of difficulties, problems and challenges which make the period of adolescence as the critical and challenging one.10 … Read more

5 Easy Ways to Calm the Aggressive Behavior of Children

Are you always in tension to calm down your Aggressive Child? Are you struggling to help your child to learn the good way of conduct? We know that it is very tough for the children to control their emotions- they quickly express their anger, their sadness and also their joy over little things. But when … Read more

How to Make Our Relationship Stronger and Happier? 6 Simple Ways to make Relationship Stronger and Happier.

How to make our relationship Stronger and Happier? Relationship Issues are the burning problem of our society, a large number of people are suffering to handle their relationship problems. The incidents of conflicts, divorce, misunderstandings etc are increasing day by day and make people’s life miserable and vulnerable. But we can resolve a lot of … Read more

How to be a Good and Supportive Parent? 9 Golden Tips of Parenting.

Parenting is the most difficult job, most critical work in the world but also the most enjoyable, most beautiful one. Only we should learn some tips and techniques to make the journey of parenting enjoyable, memorable and easier. 9 Golden Tips of Parenting for the Parents of Children and Adolescents are shared here to reduce … Read more

Anxiety Disorder in Children and Adolescents.5 Easy ways to reduce anxiety among them.

Anxiety Disorder in Children and adolescents is the most common mental health in our modern society. We are all running the Rat-Race of life, including the children and adolescents. Due to pressure of society, academic pressure, high expectations of parents etc always put immense pressure upon the children and adolescents and they become the victim … Read more

Mental Health of Adolescents-10 Easy Ways to help the Adolescents to deal with their Mental Health Issues.

Mental Health of Adolescents is a major threat in our modern society but it is the most unattended, most unaddressed, most neglected phenomenon. According to WHO, Worldwide 10 percent of children and adolescents experience a mental disorder but majority of them do not seek hep or receive care as mental health of adolescents and children … Read more

Are you really Depressed? 5 Easy Ways to beat your Depression.

Depression, Anxiety, Stress are the part and parcel of our life as we are always running to fulfill our wishes, our desires, our needs. To be depressed is not abnormal, it is quite normal to be sad ,low, depressed for a short time but if Depression occurs for a prolonged period of time, we need … Read more

Are our Children suffering from Depression? Know about the 8 signs and Symptoms to identify depression among children.

Archita De, 27/10/2022, 8.50 am Depression, Anxiety, Stress etc are the most commonly used terms or words in our modern society – especially after COVID-19 Pandemic we have understood the impact of these phenomenon in our daily life. But it is not limited among the adults or old people, it is equally present among the … Read more

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