Are our Children suffering from Depression? Know about the 8 signs and Symptoms to identify depression among children.

Archita De, 27/10/2022, 8.50 am

Child in Depression feels loneliness.

Depression, Anxiety, Stress etc are the most commonly used terms or words in our modern society – especially after COVID-19 Pandemic we have understood the impact of these phenomenon in our daily life. But it is not limited among the adults or old people, it is equally present among the children throughout the World. According to WHO, worldwide 10 percent of children and adolescents experience a mental disorder but the majority of them don’t get help or receive care as the mental health of children is beyond the thinking, imagination of ” We” – the adults. Thus depression in children becomes a major threat to us.

  • What is Depression ?
  • It is a state of mind, a mood disorder that causes a continuous feeling of Sadness, Emptiness for a prolonged period of time. People loose interest in their daily activities – in their hobbies and passion with a feeling of hopelessness. Irritability, frustration, sudden emotional outburst, loneliness etc . Sometimes various physical problems are also associated with depression and these physical problems are actually non- existent. Early identification , care and empathy can only save our near and dear ones.
  • What are the Causes of Depression among Children?
  • Depression is caused by various factors, both Heredity and Environment plays major roles. It can be caused by genetic disorder but most of the cases of depression are caused by environmental reasons. Some major Environmental Threats to cause Depression among children are :-
  • Unhealthy Family Environment like Conflicts between parents, Physical or Mental Abuse , Divorce or separation of parents.
  • If the child is the victim of Physical or Mental Abuse, Neglect or Violence
  • If the children mainly the adolescents are forcefully addicted to Alcohol and Drugs.
  • If the Children are forced to bear immense pressure from Parents to excel in Academics and other fields.
  • If the children are the sufferers of life- threatening illness like Brain Injury, Heart Disease, severe Thyroid problems etc.
  • If the children experience unattended or neglectful parenting which causes despair, loneliness among the children.
  • What are the Signs and Symptoms of Depression among Children?
  • The major signs and symptoms of Depression among Children are-:
  • Excessive Fear or Anxiety leading to Frequent Nightmares or excessive crying.
  • Irritability, continuous Nagging
  • Change in Sleeping and Eating patterns.
  • Frequent complaints of physical discomfort like headache, stomach pain,nausea etc which are never diagnosed in physical examination.
  • Prefer to stay alone, don’t like to play with other children.
  • Lack of communication skills leading to maladjustment in schools
  • Poor performance in schools.
  • Sometimes show extreme Aggression, Anger, Disobedience leading to Tamper Tantrums in smaller agegroups.
Our children need us- needs our company,our love,our attention.


. How can we help our children to overcome Depression?

.Early identification of symptoms of depression among the children and take professional support quickly.

.Provide the children a safe and healthy home environment.

.Keep your children away from Parental Conflicts, quarrels etc.

.If your children are suffering from any kind or Trauma, Abuse etc, try to bring them out of these through Care, Empathy and therapeutical help from psychiatrist.

. Most important way is – Spend time with your children, talk with them, play with them, listen to their stories, help them to manage their emotions etc.

Only our Love, Care and Attention can enhance our Children’s Mental Health and help them to keep themselves away from worries, tension or anxiety.

Protect our Children from Mental Health Issues .

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