5 Easy Ways to Calm the Aggressive Behavior of Children

Are you always in tension to calm down your Aggressive Child? Are you struggling to help your child to learn the good way of conduct? We know that it is very tough for the children to control their emotions- they quickly express their anger, their sadness and also their joy over little things. But when the children frequently show violent behavior, throw things, start to yell, become irritable,start to fight with others- it is the time to control the aggressive behavior of children. We can not calm down the Aggressive Child by giving them punishment or stop taking care of them . We have to tackle them very carefully with empathy, care and child friendly techniques. Here 5 Easy Ways to Calm the Aggressive Behavior of Children is shared to help the parents who are really struggling with their Aggressive Children.

5 Easy Ways to Calm your Aggressive Child. Image courtesy- Pixabay.
  • Causes of Aggressive Behavior of Children-: The common causes of aggressive behavior of children are-:
  • 1. Unhealthy Family Environment where aggressive activities like domestic violence, quarrel, abuse etc are going on.
  • Due to Childhood experience of Traumatic events.
  • Due to loss of loved ones like any one of the parents or grandparents.
  • Due to any severe physical illness like neurological disorder, cancer etc.
  • Due to too much physical punishment given to the child by the parents or caregivers.
  • Sometimes due to excessive pamper given to the children.
We can also calm down our Aggressive Child through some tricks and techniques.

5 Easy Ways to Calm The Aggressive Behavior of Children. :-

1. Try to Divert Child’s Attention from the topic of Aggressive Behavior-: It is the best way to Calm down the Aggressive Behavior of Children very quickly. We can take him/her from the trigger situation and can try to divert his/ her mind to other things or events. We can take the child for a short walk in a nearby garden and can start counting of beautiful flowers together or we can go for a short walk on the nearby road and can start counting of the vehicles passing by or counting of the people passing by. This technique will surely Calm down your Aggressive Child within few minutes. You can try this and see the difference.

Nature can heal the Aggression in your Child. Image Courtesy Pixabay.

2. Involve the child in any activity he/she likes and you also try to involve in this. If we can quickly involve the child any activity he/she like, it will be very beneficial to minimize his/her aggressive behavior. You can start to sing loudly child’s favorite song or can recite a rhyme with action and ask the child to involve. Both of you can together start to dance on some funny dance steps. Yes I know, it is not easy to do. But the child is your life, your existence, is not it? So you have to do your level best.

Involve the child in any activity to divert his or her attention from the trigger.

3. Show your Love, Affection, Care towards your child-: All the parents love their children, care for their children, live for their children. But sometimes it is very essential to express their love, affection or care through actions especially to manage their aggression. When they are very angry, very hyper, you can tightly hug them, kiss them and can utter the words of affection to them like – ” My cutie, my smart boy, my girl, my sonababy” etc . I can assure you that this technique will surely help you to control the aggressive behavior in your children.

Show your Love, Affection towards your child. Image courtesy Pixabay.

4. Learn to Praise your Children for their Good Deeds, Good Behavior and remind them about the good actions of them during tantrums.-: You should not always scold your children, yell on them , only say negative words to them. This type of behavior from the parent’s side always demotivate the children, making them aggressive and vulnerable. Yes, it is very tough to behave properly with them always as we, the parents are also in various type of tension, worry related to our workplace or any other. But we should try to do, if sometimes we do a mess- we should try to rectify it immediately. You can praise tem for their good actions , say sweet words of them for their gentle behavior and try to remind about the good deeds of them when they are showing aggression. This may help them to bring back themselves from the peak hour of aggression.

Praise your Child, Say sweet words to them.

5. Start to Play with them especially Start to play Outdoor Games:- During aggression, the child becomes Hyperactive , full of energy, full of anger. We should then channelize his/her energy to calm down himself/herself and outdoor play is the best way to channelize his/her high energy. You can start to play football, badminton, tennis or Hide and Seek or even the Pillow Fight also. Outdoor Activity for minimum half an hour will surely reduce his/her aggression and make them calm as they will feel tired but happy.

Outdoor play can help to reduce Aggressive Behavior.

Moreover, counting of numbers from 1 to 100 or reverse counting of numbers is also sometimes work as a beneficial way to reduce the intensity of aggressive behavior among children. You can also tell interesting stories to them to calm down them. So Dear Parents, don’t be hopeless, depressed for the aggressive behavior of your children, please hold your patience and deal with them effectively. But if the level of aggressiveness is too much, may hurt themselves or other you may quickly consult with a psychologist or psychiatrist and act a per their guidance and support.

.Share Positivity and Happiness Always.

Counting of Numbers from 1 to 100

Sometimes Counting of Numbers from 1 to 100 or reverse counting of numbers is also beneficial to Calm down the Aggressive Child. You can also use Music Therapy and also the Art Therapy to minimize aggression in your children. But above all, Spend quality time with your Children.

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